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APT 7016 1Ø 1.6kVA Automated AC Power Source

APT 7016 1Ø 1.6kVA Automated AC Power Source
Produttore: APT
Codice Prodotto: 7016
Disponibilità: 2 Settimane

APT 7016 1Ø 1.6kVA Automated AC Power Source

Our 7000 Series automated AC power sources are ideal for advanced applications at competitive prices. Switch-mode technology and a direct coupled output make these sources light weight and efficient for use on the bench-top or in a rack mount. The graphic LCD display provides real-time data on the front panel and the easy-to-use local interface allows operators to get tests up and running quickly. Use the rotary knob to adjust voltage or frequency during testing, adjust the starting or ending phase angle of the output waveform, and simulate the effect of voltage surges and drops on your DUT for transient testing.

The 7000 Series can be controlled with a PC from a variety of different interfaces – All at no extra cost! Choose from USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and GPIB.

50 built-in memory locations with 9 test steps can be linked to quickly store and recall test parameters for multiple product testing applications
Surge/Drop features simulate voltage variations, brownouts and transient voltage conditions
Free Instrument Control Software available
Adjust the starting and ending angle of the output waveform
LCD display monitors voltage, current, peak current, power and power factor
Adjustable delay time, ramp up time, and test duration
Independent, adjustable high and low limits for voltage, current, frequency, power, and power factor
Power Up feature configures the output relay for quick and efficient testing
Constant current output with over current fold back feature
Front panel lockout and password protection
Standard USB/RS-232 interface with no charge optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces available
Rotary knob to adjust voltage and frequency on the fly
CE Marked
2 year warranty

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