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Elektro Automatik PSB 9750-40 3U 750V 10kW Programmable, Bi-directional DC source

Elektro Automatik PSB 9750-40 3U 750V 10kW Programmable, Bi-directional DC source

Elektro Automatik PSB 9750-40 3U Programmable, Bi-directional DC source, with adjustment from: 0-750V , 0-40A , 0-10kW

Elektro Automatik EA PSB 9000 series main features:
- For 208 V or wide range 342...528 V AC supply
ƒƒ- Bidirectional device - power supply and electronic load in one
- ƒƒEnergy recovery with high efficiency
ƒƒ- Power ratings: 2.5 kW, 5 kW, 7.5 kW, 10 kW or 15 kW, expandable up to 540 kWƒ
- Voltage ratings: 60 V up to 1500 V
ƒƒ- Current ratings: 20 A up to 360 A
ƒƒ- Flexible, power regulated DC<->AC stage
- ƒƒVarious protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
- ƒƒIntuitive TFT touch panel with display for values, status and notifications
- Remote sensing with automatic detection
ƒƒ- Galvanically isolated analog interface and USB port
- ƒƒIntegrated function generator
ƒƒ- Battery test, MPP tracking simulation
ƒƒ- Optional, digital interface modules
ƒƒ- SCPI command set and ModBus RTU (optionally: ModBus TCP) support
ƒ- LabView VIs and control software for Windows

The microprocessor-controlled, bidirectional power supplies of series EA-PSB 9000 3U incorporate two devices in one: a power supply (source) and an electronic load (sink) with energy recovery. Based on these two features the devices offer the functionality of two-quadrants operation as standard. The internal electronic load achieves a high voltage dynamics by discharging the unavoidable capacitance on the DC terminal. For a connected source, the devices are full electronic loads with energy recovery feature, such as the devices from series EA-ELR 9000.
In source operation mode the device becomes a flexible, autoranging power supply like those of series EA-PSI 9000. It incorporates the advan- tages of both device types into one and at the same time it eliminates the disadvantages of separate units regarding weight, space requirement, costs and effort to implement them into custom test software.

AC supply
All models are provided with an active Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit and are designed for operation on a two- or three-phase supply with typical ratings between 380 V and 480 V AC. During load operation, the device regenerates the consumed DC energy and feeds it back into the local power network. This can help saving a lot of energy costs.

Source-sink operation
One salient feature of these devices is the coalescence of an electronic load, also called sink, and a power supply, also called source, into one unit. It means, the device cannot only arbitrarily operate as sink or source, the switchover between these two operating modes occurs without interruption and time loss. This is also called two-quadrants op- eration. The actual operating mode is indicated in the display.

Energy recovery
The most important feature of these devices is that the AC input while connected to the grid is also used as output for the recovery of the supplied DC energy during load oper- ation, which is converted with an efficiency of up to 95%. This way of energy recovery helps to lower costs and can avoid expensive cooling systems, such as they are required for conventional electronic loads which only convert energy into heat. The figure on the right illustrates the principle.

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