Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6550 Megaohmetro digitale 10000 Vdc

Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6550 Megaohmetro digitale 10000 Vdc

Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6550 Megaohmetro digitale 10000 Vdc

With its site-proof casing, the C.A 6550 insulation tester is used to check equipment insulation during manufacturing, on-site installation work, periodic inspections and recommissioning of installations.

It is ideal for electricity companies, manufacturers, installers, maintenance firms, industry, R&D centres and infrastructure.

Specially adapted for checking insulation on rotating machinery with a 12 kV power supply or higher, the C.A 6550 complies with the IEEE43 standard which recommends insulation testing at 5-10kV.

Wide measurement range from 10 kohm to 25 Tohm
Fixed or programmable test voltage from 40V to 10 kV
5mA max charging current
Large backlit LCD screen with digital display, bargraph and R(t)+u(t), i(t) and i(u) graphs
Automatic ratio calculation: DAR / PI / DD / DR (ppm/V)
Multiple test modes: voltage ramp and step with "burning", "early break" and "I-limit" modes
3 filters to optimize measurement stability
Calculation of R at a reference temperature
80,000-measurement storage capacity and real-time clock
Optically-isolated USB communication for transfer onto PC and report generation with DataView® software


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Abbiamo ordinato la seconda volta qui, specificamente ogni volta un Saleae 16 pro. I prodotti sono stati spediti velocemente, anche alla nostra aienda localizzata in austria. Tutto bene tra un prodot...

DoesntMatter on 04/12/2019

A very pleasant company...with a perfect Hakko deal You make customers happy ! Dominique

Dominique on 04/12/2019