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RIGOL RSA3030E-TG 9 kHz to 3 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

RIGOL RSA3030E-TG 9 kHz to 3 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

The RIGOL RSA3030E-TG is a powerful spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and a frequency range from 9Khz to 3GHz and 1Hz RBW. The RIGOL RSA3030E-TG has two standard measurement modes, the general purpose spectrum analyzer and the real time spectrum analyzer performing up to 10 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth.

RIGOL RSA3000E series main features
- Ultra-Real technology
- Frequency: up to 3 GHz
- Displayed average noise level (DANL): <-161 dBm (typical)
- Phase noise: <-102 dBc/Hz (typical)
- Level measurement uncertainty: <1.0 dB
- 3 GHz tracking generator
- Min. RBW 1 Hz
- Up to 10 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth
- Multiple measurement modes
- Various advanced measurement functions
- EMI measurement application (option)
- Multiple trigger modes and trigger masks
- Density, spectrogram, and other display modes
- PC software options
- 10.1'' capacitive multi-touch screen; supporting touch gestures
- USB, LAN, HDMI and other communication and display interfaces

RIGOL RSA3000E Series Overview
RSA3000E series is a new generation of cost-efficient real-time spectrum analyzer with high performance. With superb performance specifications and the clear user interface, the RSA3000E series allows you to operate it through various ways, such as pressing keys on the front panel, using the touch screen, connecting the mouse and the keyboard. Remote communication interfaces are also available. The instrument can be widely used in education science, corporate R&D, industrial production, and other fields.

Measurement Mode
- General-Purpose Spectrum Analyzer (GPSA)
- Real-time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA)
- EMI Measurement Application (EMI) Software Option RSA3000E-EMI
- ASK/FSK Demodulation Software Option RSA3000E-ASK/FSK

Ultra-Real technology
Based on the Ultra-Real technology, the high-speed real-time measurement mode allows you to acquire the signals in the analysis bandwidth seamlessly and make data analysis. It also provides various display modes, such as Spectrogram, Density, and PVT. Besides, FMT function is also available.

The Ultra-Real technology has the following features:
Seamless analysis
- Seamless I/Q data acquisition in the analysis bandwidth
- Seamless spectrum analysis
- Frequency mask trigger (FMT) to trigger the measurement by sporadic or transient events in the spectrum
Composite displays
- Spectrogram for gap-free display of the spectrum
- Density for you to visualize how frequently signals occur

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