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Scuola di misura - Bologna June 6, 2023

Wuerth Elektronik Italia, Rohde & Schwarz and Batter Fly are pleased to invite you to this free training event exclusively for industrial users.

Event details

We have created a dedicated area with eight (8) workstations where with the support of our application engineers you can try your hand at performing the four experiments.
By registering for a Measurement School session you will have time to perform all four experiments.

Experiment 1: Using the next-generation R&S MXO4 oscilloscope. From basic oscilloscope functions to digital triggering, to the correct memory setting in relation to the signal to be analyzed

Experiment 2: EMC measurement of emission conducted by a DC-powered device, through spectrum analyzer and LISN

Experiment 3: Analysis of the frequency response of a reatroacted circuit

Experiment 4: Basic jitter measurements using the Real-time Oscilloscope. Measurement of fundamental jitter parameters on clock signal.