FTE ComProbe USB

FTE ComProbe USB

Frontline ComProbe USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer - FTS4USB™

FTS4USB is a PC-based protocol analyzer capable of capturing and decoding USB packets. FTS4USB captures traffic between a PC and a USB device using the USB ComProbe II hardware, and transmits the data to the analyzer PC via a USB port.

Non-intrusive monitoring and automatic speed detection of all three USB 2.0 speeds.  
Simultaneous live capture, decode, display, filtering, and detection of protocol errors.  
Hardware filters suppress packets, such as SOF, NAK, and dataless transactions.  
4 Digital Input/Output lines for synchronization.  
Display all bus activities, including suspend/resume/reset and high speed negotiation events.  
Show OTG HNP, SRP data-line and VBus pulses.  
Easily identify IN/OUT transactions using color-coding.  
Extensive decoding of standard and class-specific descriptors and requests.  
Sniff data two ways. Externally or using Spy Mode.  
Single-click export.  
Use with products with embedded devices.  
Packets with protocol violation are flagged in red.  
Capture unlimited data (amount of data capture is only limited by disk space).  
Session notes and annotated bookmark allow for quick identification of questionable packets.  
Free viewer. Share FTS4USB capture files with development partners and customers.  
Portable and affordable.



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