Iteco Labeohm EASY ESD Surface Resistance Tester 100V

Iteco Labeohm EASY ESD Surface Resistance Tester 100V

The ESD Surface Resistance Tester Iteco Labeohm EASY is usable in the EPA areas.

Labeohm EASY measures  the  surface  resistance  and  the  ground  resistance  of mats, worktops, floorings and other objects.
The   embedded   probes   are   suitable   for   surface   resistance measure, connecting one ground cord the resistance to ground can be read, and two external probes can be connected for point to point measurements.
Labeohm EASY is pocket-size and use 2 embedded parallel electrodes, in accordance with DIN EN 100015/1.

Bottom view of the Labeohm EASY meter: there are 2 parallel rubber electrodes between them and 2 bushings to which external probes can be connected.

Measuring range: from 10^4 a 10^12 Ω
Test voltage: 10V R<100KΩ, 100V R>100KΩ
Electrodes: Soft conductive rubber
Dimensions: 80x120x27mm

The Easy version allows to measure the order of magnitude of surface resistance or resistance to ground.
The EVO version is more accurate (accuracy of ½ decade) , it displays  up  to  one  significant  digit  and  it  is  equipped  with  a graphical display and programmable sound alarm

Iteco Labeohm EASY included cable, battery, box and  ISO9000 Traceable Certificate.

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