Iteco Kit Gigalab EVO megohmmeter with probes and case

Iteco Kit Gigalab EVO megohmmeter with probes and case

Completed kit Iteco 9265064 including Gigalab EVO multi-voltage high meter, 2 shielding probes, batteries case and traceable Certificate.

The GIGALAB-II multi-voltage high resistance meter made by ITECO, is a portable, accurate,
and versatile instrument designed to measure resistance between two points,
surface to ground, and surface resistivity as defined in IEC61340-5-1.
Alphanumeric liquid crystal display 11mm height.

Vmeas Range Accuracy
10V 1KΩ ÷ 50GΩ ±5%      ±0.6% perGΩ
100V 100KΩ ÷ 1TΩ ±5%      ±0.06% per GΩ
250V 500KΩ ÷ 1TΩ ±5%      ±0.045% perGΩ
500V 1MΩ ÷1TΩ ±5%      ±0.03% per GΩ

Internal memory where the data of 100 measures can be stored. The data stored for each measurement are:
Resistance value
Voltage used for the measurement
Humidity detected during measurement
Measured temperature during measurement

By pressing a dedicated button it's possible to quickly switch between viewing formats natural to exponential and vice versa.

Kit includes 2 Shielded probes 63mm, weight 2,3kg, one BNC socket, two 4mm sockets, model Iteco 9265065
Rubber measuring electrode: BNC int. / red 4mm socket
Shield / Guard: BNC ext. / gray 4mm socket

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