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TekBox TBGP Roll Up Ground Plane (250x140cm)

TekBox TBGP Roll Up Ground Plane (250x140cm)

TekBox TBGP Roll Up Ground Plane (250x140cm)

Many EMC pre-compliance test set ups require a ground plane. Not every lab has the necessary space for permanent installation of a sheet metal ground plane. This is where the Tekbox TBGP-250/140 “roll up” ground plane comes handy. The ground plane can be rolled up after use and stored inside its cardboard tube in a corner of the lab. The ground plane is composed from a conductive fabric bonded to a fleece.

Fabric dimensions: 250 cm x 140 cm
Fabric thickness: 0.7 mm
Fabric weight: 1.1 kg
Fabric material: Polyester 45% + Silver 55% conductive fabric, fleece
Contact block dimensions: 95 mm x 40 mm x 8 mm
Contact block weight: 0.23 kg
Contact block material: nickel plated

The ground plane can be used in full size, partially un-rolled, or easily cut to size by the user according to his requirements.

Tekbox suggests two methods of contacting the ground plane:

Contact blocks:
Tekbox provides 4 pieces nickel plated brass contact blocks together with the ground plane. Each block is equipped with three M5 threaded holes.
Each block has a weight of approximately a quarter kg. The blocks are placed on top of the ground plane and establish a good electrical contact, due to its weight and surface area. This method is very versatile, as the blocks can be placed and removed easily anywhere on the ground plane surface. The threaded hole spacing is matched with the dimensions of the ground brackets of most Tekbox LISNs.

Textile rivets:
Alternatively or besides using contact blocks, the user can punch holes for standard male textile rivets according to his requirements anywhere into the fabrics. Female textile rivets can be used to clamp ground straps.
The photo below shows an example, using rivets from a low cost textile riveting set along with a woven ground strap. The ground strap is clamped in between the two halves of the female rivet.

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