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RIGOL MSO8000-JITTER Jitter Analysis

RIGOL MSO8000-JITTER Jitter Analysis
RIGOL MSO8000-JITTER Real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis
The MSO8000 series oscilloscope provides the real-time eye plot and measurement with the clock recovery function. The flexible and convenient jitter measurement and analysis enable the users to instinctively understand the strong and weak Inter-Symbol Interference in the system, so as to accurately and quickly make deterministic jitter measurement for high-speed serial signal.

If you have purchased and activated the MSO8000-JITTER option, the oscilloscope also supports real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis functions.

Real-time Eye Analysis
An eye diagram is a view of a signal. A real- time eye accomplishes this by acquiring data, performing clock recovery, and then superimposing (folding) successive unit intervals within a single plot. This is a statistical view in the form of a color grade. The eye analysis function is usually used to observe the waveforms of the Receive signal to analyze the impact of inter-symbol interference (ISI) and noise on the system performance.
Jitter Analysis
The jitter analysis function is mainly used to analyze the integrity of the high-speed serial signal and measure the variance of a measurement over time. The measurement item includes TIE, Cycle to Cycle, +Width to +Width, and –Width to -Width. Wherein, TIE indicates time interval error. The TIE measurement compares the edges in a data signal with the edges in an ideal data signal determined by the clock recovery feature to generate error statistics.

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