Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer with TG

Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 Spectrum Analyzer with TG

Rohde & Schwarz FPC1500 spectrum analyzer with tracking generator, frequency range from 5kHz to 1,5GHz, 1Hz resolution, DANL -150dB (up to -165dB adding pre amplifier FPC-B22).

The R&S®FPC has the Value of Three: it is the only spectrum analyzer on the market that provides the value of three instruments. Incidentally, these are the three most commonly used instruments on an RF engineer's work- bench, for instance in IoT device development.

1. Spectrum analyzer
The R&S®FPC is a spectrum analyzer that provides investment protection through software frequency upgrade capability. It features class-leading RF performance engineered in Germany. In addition, PC and mobile remote control options are available.

2. Vector network analyzer
The R&S®FPC is a vector network analyzer that utilizes an integrated VSWR bridge to achieve one-port vector network analysis, with a Smith chart display available. Having an integrated VSWR bridge means there is no need to mount/dismount an external bridge during test operation.

3. Signal generator
The R&S®FPC is a signal generator due to the unique independent source principle. Not only does it provide standard tracking generator functionality, it can also be used in free or coupled CW modes.
By combining the Value of Three instruments, the R&S®FPC is truly unique. The advantages of this three-in- one concept reach further than having only one bench space occupied. A single instrument also means that to obtain the specified measurement performance, only a single investment and a single calibration are required. RF performance engineered in Germany.

Key facts
- 10.1" WXGA (1366 × 768 pixel) display – largest and highest resolution in its class
- Frequency range from 5 kHz to 1 GHz, keycode upgradable to 2 GHz/3 GHz
- Resolution bandwidth settings down to 1 Hz
- Tracking generator and independent CW signal generator
- Built-in VSWR bridge
- One-port vector network analyzer with Smith chart display
- Wi-Fi-enabled, supported by included remote control software
- 3 year standard warranty
R&S®FPC1500 S21 scalar transmission measurement with the R&S®FPC-K42 option.

R&S®FPC1500 S11 magnitude measurement with the R&S®FPC-K42 option.

R&S®FPC1500 Smith chart with the R&S®FPC-K42 option.

R&S®FPC1500: signal generator signal measured in the spectrum analyzer mode.

R&S®FPC1500: tracking generator measuring a filter.

Standard feature: two traces available.

Standard feature: up to six markers.

R&S®FPC-B22: high sensitivity with internal preamplifier.

R&S®FPC-K55: channel power measurement.

R&S®FPC-K55: occupied bandwidth measurement.

R&S®FPC-K55: spectrogram.

R&S®FPC-K7: FM modulation analysis.


Frequency range R&S®FPC1000/FPC1500 base unit 5 kHz to 1 GHz
  with R&S®FPC-B2 option 5 kHz to 2 GHz
  with R&S®FPC-B3 option 5 kHz to 3 GHz
Frequency resolution   1 Hz
Resolution bandwidth   1 Hz to 3 MHz in 1/3 sequence
Spectral purity, SSB phase noise   f = 500 MHz
  30 kHz < –88 dBc (1 Hz), typ. – 92 dBc (1 Hz)
  100 kHz < –98 dBc (1 Hz), typ.– 103 dBc (1 Hz)
  1 MHz < –120 dBc (1 Hz), typ.– 125 dBc (1 Hz)
Displayed average noise level 0 dB RF attenuation, termination 50 Ω,
RBW = 100 Hz, VBW = 10 Hz, sample detector, log scaling, normalized to 1 Hz
  preamplifier = off  
  1 MHz to 10 MHz < –127 dBm, typ. – 135 dBm
  10 MHz to 2 GHz < –142 dBm, typ. – 150 dBm
  2 GHz to 3 GHz < –138 dBm, typ. – 147 dBm
  preamplifier = on (requires R&S®FPC-B22 option)  
  1 MHz to 10 MHz < –147 dBm, typ. – 157 dBm
  10 MHz to 2 GHz < –158 dBm, typ. – 165 dBm
  2 GHz to 3 GHz < –155 dBm, typ. – 163 dBm
Third-order intercept (TOI) intermodulation-free dynamic range, signal level 2 × –20 dBm,
RF attenuation = 0 dB, RF preamplifier = off
  fin = 1 GHz +7 dBm (meas.)
  fin = 2.4 GHz +10 dBm (meas.)
One-port vector network analyzer frequency range 2 MHz to 1/2/3 GHz
  output power –10 dBm
Tracking generator frequency range 5 kHz to 1/2/3 GHz
  output power –30 dBm to 0 dBm
Independent source frequency range 5 kHz to 1/2/3 GHz
  output power –30 dBm to 0 dBm


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Good service and good customer support

Niklas on 26/05/2020

Hakko soldering equipment is not so easy to find in Europe, so I was really impressed by the range of products here at Batterfly. Prices are fair and delivery very fast. I will order again for sure!

Florian on 23/05/2020

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