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Siglent SPS5043X, 40V 90A 1080W single output power supply

Siglent SPS5043X, 40V 90A 1080W single output power supply

Siglent SPS5043X is a programmable single output power supply with switching technology.
The operating range can be adjusted from 0 to 40V and from 0 to 90A with a total power of 1080W.

The SPS5000X-Series is a programmable Switching DC Power supply series that provides a wide range of output power using single-channel and multi-channel output configurations coupled with constant power capability. The series of power supplies includes sixteen models with voltages to 160 VDC and power to 1080 W. The SPS5000X supplies can be connected in series (2 units) or in parallel (3 units) to meet the requirements of 0~320V and 0~270A, with a maximum combined power of 3240W.
The embedded web server offers remote control through a web browser without the need for the driver or software.

 Model  Channel output  Display  Resolution  Setting accuracy  Readback accuracy
 Voltage  Current  Voltage  Current
 SPS5041X  1 output, 40V/30A/360W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±30mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±40mA
 SPS5042X  1 output, 40V/60A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±60mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±70mA
 SPS5043X  1 output, 40V/90A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±100mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±100
 SPS5044X  2 output, 40V/30A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±30mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±40mA
 SPS5045X  3 output, 40V/30A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±30mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±40mA
 SPS5051X  1 output, 50V/10A/180W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mA  0.1%±10mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±20mA
 SPS5081X  1 output, 80V/15A/360W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±10mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±20mA
 SPS5082X  1 output, 80V/30A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±30mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±40mA
 SPS5083X  1 output, 80V/45A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±40mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±50mA
 SPS5084X  2 output, 80V/15A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±10mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±20mA
 SPS5085X  3 output, 80V/15A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±10mV  0.1%±10mA  0.1%±20mV  0.1%±20mA
 SPS5161X  1 output, 160V/7.5A/360W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA
 SPS5162X  1 output, 160V/15A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±15mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±15mA
 SPS5163X  1 output, 160V/22.5A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±20mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±20mA
 SPS5164X  2 output, 160V/7.5A/720W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA
 SPS5165X  3 output, 160V/7.5A/1080W  2.4" OLED  1mV/1mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA  0.1%±100mV  0.1%±5mA

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