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HAKKO FX-300 analog type soldering pot/bath

HAKKO FX-300 analog type soldering pot/bath

HAKKO FX-300 analog type soldering pot/bath

Analog-type low-cost model
Temperature can be adjusted just by turning a knob during the operation
It becomes compatible with lead-free solder by adding an optional specially-coated stainless-steel pot

Lead-free-solder compatible and compact knob type soldering pot provides quick start-up and easy replacement
Compatible with lead-free solder
High-temperature specifications with a maximum temperature of 450 °C (when using 50mm x 50mm soldering pot)
Quick start-up to set temperature
Start-up time is reduced by 10 minutes or more compared to conventional analog soldering pot (HAKKO 96).

Temperature is adjustable even during work.
Temperature can be adjusted by just turning a knob.
Easy pot replacement.
Pot is easily replaced by just loosening a screw.
The pot can be easily replaced by just loosening a screw. One unit can be used for various applications by changing pots for each solder type or by using pots of different sizes (50mm x 50mm or 75mm x 75mm square).
* For your safety, be sure to wait for solder to completely cool down before replacing the pot.


If a digital soldering pot is required, see the HAKKO FX-301B.

Special Coating Solder Pot
The special coating is for getting a long life by preventing the corrosion of the solder pot. We confirmed that the special coating solder pot had five times longer life than the standard one by our anti-corrosion test. It effects on both lead-free solder and solder with lead (eutectic).
*Because the anti-corrosion test was done by our way, longevity of solder pot may be different according to the usage condition.


Packing List
HAKKO FX-300 (with soldering pot: 50mm x 50mm square; Part No.A1517), Spatula, J-shaped Waste Collector, Hexagon Wrench, Instruction Manual
* 75mm x 75mm square pot or special coating pot is an optional accessory and should be purchased separately. See the page for optional parts.



    A1517 Solder pot / 50x50

  A1539 Solder pot / 50x50 durable type

   A1518 Solder pot / 75x75

A1540 Solder pot / 75x75 durable type

How to check the correct temperature of the pot



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