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HAKKO FR-701 Dual Channel Rework Station

HAKKO FR-701 Dual Channel Rework Station

HAKKO FR-701 Dual function rework station with FR-4101, 140W high power desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 2-in-1 unit for space saving

Powerful Rework Station
Safer and more secure rework operation
with upgraded soldering and desoldering tools
2-in-1 unit for space saving

Standard Delivery:
- Station (FR-701)
- Soldering iron (FX-8801)
- Standard tip Φ0.5mm round type (No.T18-B)
- Desoldering gun (FR-4101)
- Standard nozzle Φ1.0mm S type (No.N61-05)
- Iron holder for soldering gun (with cleaning wire)
- Iron holder for desoldering iron (with cleaning sponge, cleaning wire)
- Tool box (Cleaning pin for ø1.0 mm, Cleaning pin for heater, Cleaning drill for ø1.0 mm, Nozzle wrench, Filter [qty 2], Ceramic paper filter [qty 4])
- Power cord, Instruction manual

6 applications for a variety of soldering and desoldering works

Besides FR-4101, 140W desoldering gun, and FX-8801, soldering iron, 4 more applications are compatible with FR-701.
Tips (T18 and T19 series) and nozzles (N61 series) deliver excellent cost efficiency.

High-power Desoldering gun HAKKO FR-4101

Increasing the power to 140 W from 50 W of our previous models (HAKKO 474・475), it can make it easy to desolder on multi-layer PWB which was never an easy job, and it can also shorten the process time.
A wide selection of nozzle, with the addition of new types, is available for a variety of desoldering works.
- Long type nozzles for narrow space
- Oval shape nozzles for flat terminals
- SS type nozzles for micro land-patterns
Click here for more information about HAKKO FR-410

Soldering iron HAKKO FX-8801/FX-8805

Thermal conductivity has been increased by reviewing external configuration and internal structure of 900 tip series.
Now T18 and T19 tip series are selectable depend on work environment.
Click here for more information about HAKKO FX-8801/FX-8805

One-hand Manual-solder-feed iron HAKKO FX-8803

- Solder and feed with one hand
- Feed a set amount of solder with one hand
- Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing.
- Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator.
- T18 tips series are compatible with this application.
Click here for more information about HAKKO FX-8803.

SMD Hot Tweezer HAKKO FX-8804

- Direct heating-less influence upon surrounding components on crowded boards.
- Easily removes SMD chips and flat packages up to 25mm.
- The collet allows easy replacement and alignment of the tips.
Click here for more information about HAKKO FX-8804.

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Envoi super rapide et bien emballé. Prix très attractif. Parfait.

Eric on 27/01/2021

Envoi rapide , Tarifs très correct. Fast shipping , and good prices. J'ai précédemment acheté un fer à souder , mais j'ai été étonné qu'il ne propose pas quelque consommable pour démarre...

Mathias on 25/01/2021