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Workswell SMARTIS Intelligent Thermal Cameras

Workswell SMARTIS Intelligent Thermal Cameras

Workswell SMARTIS (Smart Thermal Imaging System) is the first sample of a new category of so-called intelligent thermal cameras. It is an all-in-one solution featuring a thermal camera, control unit, I/O card, as well as a TPC/IP interface integrated within a single casing including an in-built webserver allowing for communication with a superior system, including any PLC with this interface.

Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera can be operated and configured independently without the need for connection to a PC or a superior unit. The thermal camera is offered in resolutions of 160 x 128 px, 336 x 256 px a 640 x 512 px and an LWIR microbolometer of the spectral range of 7.5 – 13.5 μm has been used as an optical sensor.

The Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera is designed for process automation, machine vision, but also for continuous measurements of temperatures in metrological and research applications. The thermal camera has been designed for use in process automation in such a way that it can autonomously control a smaller process or its part or become a part of the control system. For this reason, it has been equipped with a TCP/IP interface (Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45) and also complemented with digital inputs and an analogue output (current loop 0-24 ma/12 V).
The measurement scope of the thermal camera ranges from -25 °C to 550 °C, optionally up to 1500 °C. Metrologic accuracy (±2% or ±2°C) and sensitivity (up to 50 mK, i.e. 0.05 °C) have stood as priorities in the thermal camera’s development.
The In-Built Webserver

The Workswell WIRIS thermal camera contains an in-built webserver enabling a complete setting of the thermal camera, including measurement functions, inputs and outputs and image streaming options.
- Automation
- Process control
- Machine vision
- Multi-pyrometric functions with Analog output
- Metrology and R&D for process control
- Fire-Safety applications
- Temperature measurement in food processes
Communication Interface:
1) 4 x current output (0-24 mA/12 V current loop)
2) 7 x digital output (with an open collector)
3) 4 x digital input/output for trigger
4) 1 x Ethernet TCP/IP with a RJ-45 connector for communication with PLC, but also with the in-built webserver

- An in-built webserver for the setting of the thermal camera and visualisation of the data measured
- A TCP/IP interface for communication with a superior system
digital inputs/outputs enabling triggering and alarm outputs
- Temperature measurement up to 1500 °C, calibrated within the full temperature scale
- A wide spectrum of measurement functions (temperature profile, measurement point, areas enabling minimum and maximum assessments etc.)


Resolution 640 x 512 pixels Field of view Spatial resolution Pixel size
Focal length 9 mm FOV 69° x 56° 1.889 mrad from 1 meter 1.9 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 13 mm FOV 45° x 37° 1.308 mrad from 1 meter 1.4 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 19 mm FOV 32° x 26° 0.895 mrad from 1 meter 0.9 mm from 1 meter
Resolution 336 x 256 pixels Field of view Spatial resolution Pixel size
Focal length 6.8 mm FOV 45° x 35° 2.267 mrad from 1 meter 2.3 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 9 mm FOV 35° x 27° 1.889 mrad from 1 meter 1.9 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 13 mm FOV 25° x 19° 1.308 mrad from 1 meter 1.4 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 19 mm FOV 17° x 13° 0.895 mrad from 1 meter 0.9 mm from 1 meter
Resolution 160 x 128 pixels Field of view Spatial resolution Pixel size
Focal length 6.8 mm FOV 30° x 24° 3.333 mrad from 1 meter 3.4 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 9 mm FOV 25° x 20° 2.778 mrad from 1 meter 2.8 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 13 mm FOV 17° x 14° 1.923 mrad from 1 meter 2 mm from 1 meter
Focal length 19 mm FOV 12° x 9.5° 1.316 mrad from 1 meter 1.4 mm from 1 meter



Resolution 160 x 128 pixels 336 x 256 pixels 640 x 512 pixels
Image Frequency 9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz 9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz 9Hz
Temperature ranges -25°C to +150°C, -40°C to +550°C, optional +400°C to +1 500°C
Temperature sensitivity 0.05°C (50mK)
Accuracy ±2% or ±2°C
Spectral Range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Calibration Yes, the system includes the calibration certificate
Detector Type Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Optics (FOV) 12°, 17°, 25°, 30° 17°, 25°, 35°, 45° 32°, 45°, 69°
Focus Continuous Manual (fixed focusable, min focus distance depends on lens)
  30Hz - recommended for Industrial applications (shipping to most countries worldwide)
  60Hz - recommended for High speed applications (information on request)
SMARTIS Communication and Power supply
Networking Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45, Metal cable gland protection
Analog output 4-channel isolated Current loop (0-24mA) / Voltage (±12VDC, M12 circular thread)
Digital output 7 x Isolated open collector output (max 40 VDC), M12 circular thread
Digital inputs 4 x isolated high-voltage trigger inputs (max 36 VDC), M12 circular thread
Supply input 18 to 32 VDC, < 4 W (max. 5 W during NUC calibration), M12 circular thread
SMARTIS Built-in Functions
Camera configuration Built-in WEBserver for easy and fast sensor configuration, Google Chrome or Firefox browser compatible, no external software required
Monitoring and Alarming Extreme detections, MAX/MIN evaluations, Dynamic/Static measurements
User Control Table (Logical rules and PLC features)
Selectable digital outputing for specific ROI result (OR/AND operators)
Synchronization Continuous (periodical or fullspeed) or Triggered (Start/Stop, Latching)
Vizualization Realtime video streaming, Pallete settings, Overlay elements, Digital zooming, Numeric and statistical indicators, Input and Output overview panel
Security Administrator/Operator password, locking functions
Image Correction Non-Uniformity Correction asynchronous/synchronous/triggerable
ROI User definable measurement area (Point, Line, Polyline, Rect, Polygon, Circle) Multiple product selection for ROI presets (Manual or via Ethernet)
Others Realtime Clock, Emissivity correction, Multiple languages
SMARTIS Physical Data
Dimensions and weight 185 x 100 x 105 mm, 1.3 kg, Durable aluminum two - milled body
Mounting 20 x M5 tread, 6 x ¼-20 UNC thread
Operating Environment and Packaging
IP protection (Encapsulation) IP54 (or IP67 with front cover lens cap) – no special housing needed
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +60°C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
List of contents SMARTIS 640/336/160 px model, lens with protection glass cover, Standard Calibration certificate, 1x Power supply cable 5 - pin (2 meters), 1x Analogue & Digital IO cable 8 - pin (2 meters), 1x Ethernet UTP5 cable (2 meters), Quick start guide, Hard transport case


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Ottimo prodotto della Siglent sds1202x-e oscilloscopio, e la Batterfly è un ottima Azienda molto veloce sulla spedizione e molto Accurata devo dire grazie, ottimo Staff di persone. Voto 100, sicurame...

Antonio Gullo on 26/11/2020

Acquistiamo da anni i camici in cotone/carbonio antistatici dalla Batterfly e i tappetini in gomma antistatici da banco di lavoro. Sono a loro marchio e sicuramente i migliori sul mercato come quali...

Sandro Lotti on 25/11/2020

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