Frontline Sodera LE Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

Frontline Sodera LE Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

The Frontline Sodera LE wideband Bluetooth low energy protocol analyzer is a testing tool used to sniff, capture, and analyze all localized Bluetooth low energy packets detected in the 2.4GHz ISM band.  The Sodera LE analyzer uses Frontline protocol analysis system software and comes with an external antenna, power cable, one year premium maintenance, and one year hardware warranty.

Ready for the Curves Ahead!
Frontline Sodera LE is a wideband Bluetooth protocol analyzer capable of sniffing all Bluetooth low energy channels simultaneously and passing detected packets on to the Frontline software for analysis and review. The Bluetooth low energy specification is rapidly being updated with modification that enable the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and our connected world. Sodera LE uses a software defined radio, which gives flexibility to keeping up with these specification changes.
No matter what twists and curves the technology brings, developers using Sodera LE will be able to efficiently and effectively develop and troubleshoot their Bluetooth low energy enable devices.

Work Faster / Work Smarter

With Sodera LE you can speed through analysis, quickly. Built on the powerful Frontline software, used by engineers around the world to develop and quickly troubleshoot their Bluetooth enabled devices. Use views like the Blueteooth Timeline, Message Sequence Chart, and Packet Error Rate Statistics (PERStat), and Frame Display to troubleshooting communications issues related to:

  • Inter-frame Spacing
  • Insufficient Throughput
  • Packet Type Selection and Packet Size
  • Power Consumption and Efficient Power Use
  • Timing and Environment Issues
  • Mesh Technology and IoT

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