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Keysight B2911A - Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1ch, 10fA resolution, 210V, 3A DC/10.5A pulse

Keysight B2911A - Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1ch, 10fA resolution, 210V, 3A DC/10.5A pulse
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Keysight B2911A - Precision Source/Measure Unit, 1ch, 10fA resolution, 210V, 3A DC/10.5A pulse

Key Features & Specifications

Measurement capabilities

  • Supports one-channel configuration
  • Minimum source resolution: 10 fA/100 nV, Minimum measurement resolution: 10 fA/100 nV
  • Maximum output: 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A pulse
  • Arbitrary waveform generation and digitizing capabilities from 10 μs interval

General features

  • Integrated 4-quadrant source and measurement capabilities
  • The 4.3’’ color display supports both graphical and numerical view modes
  • Free application software to facilitate PC-based instrument control
  • High throughput and SCPI command supporting conventional SMU command set


The Keysight B2911A Precision Source / Measure Unit (SMU) is a 1-channel, compact and cost-effective bench-top SMU with the capability to source and measure both voltage and current. It is versatile to perform I/V (current vs. voltage) measurement easily with high accuracy. Integration of 4 quadrant source and measurement capabilities enables I/V measurement simply and easily without configuring multiple instruments. The wide coverage of 210 V, 3 A DC/10.5 A pulse with a single instrument minimizes the investment. Minimum 10 fA/100 nV measurement resolution support accurate characterization of DUT. The superior 4.3’’ color display and various view modes improve productivity for test, debug and characterization with intuitive operation.

The Keysight B2900A Series of SMUs offers multiple options for instrument remote control at little or no cost, too. The following multiple software control options allow you to choose the solution that best fits your particular application.

  • BenchVue: Control the B2900A SMUs (as voltage/current sources) and many other Keysight instruments
  • B2900A graphical web interface: Web-browser based instrument control over the LAN (no special software required)
  • B2900A Quick I/V measurement software: Setup and execute measurements easily on a Windows-based PC. Quick I/V has a user-friendly GUI that can communicate with the B2900A over LAN, USB and GPIB
  • Keysight EasyEXPERT group+: A powerful IV parametric characterization solution for a wide range of devices and materials. It has an intuitive mouse and keyboard driven graphical user interface that simplifies common characterization tasks such as test setup and execution, data analysis, data management/protection, etc

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