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Vencon Technologies UBA5PS battery analyzer up to 18.5V

Vencon Technologies UBA5PS battery analyzer up to 18.5V

Standard 15-24V 120W (UBA5PS)

Switchable ouput of 15V to 24V allowing the UBA5 to efficiently analyzer batteries from a single cell to 16V (18.5V li-ion).

Approvals: CE and S Mark.

Chemistry Battery Rated Voltage Number of cells
Lithium Ion or Polymer 18.5V 5
Lead Acid or Gel Cell 19.2V 16
NiCd or NiMH 18 9

The UBA5 battery analyzer tests, conditions, and charges batteries and then generates a test report showing the condition of the battery.

If you are already a battery expert you'll be pleased to know that the UBA5 has enough features for even the most demanding battery test applications. With its graphical programming interface you can easily design a battery test to do exactly what you want. You can specify the charge method (constant current or constant voltage with peak, timed, or temperature termination) and the charge and discharge currents. You can even use conditional loops in the test. All voltage, current and temperature readings are stored in a standard text results file.

The UBA5's power lies it its ability to leverage the power of your PC - it has neither display nor keyboard. We keep the UBA5 simple and put the intelligence into the S/W on your PC where it belongs. The UBA5 was designed by our president Marc A. Venis, a professional engineer with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and over 25 years of experience in the battery industry.

UBA5 Features
- Works with all battery chemistries (NiCd, NiMH, SLA, lead acid, lithium ion, lithium polymer and primary batteries).
- Fully programmable: you can set all charge and discharge currents, voltage settings, and charge algorithms.
- Includes pro version of the award winning UBA Console, easy to use and powerful software that allows you to graphically design your battery analysis routines and can simultaneously control over 100 UBA5s from one PC.
- Can run one test cycle to check capacity or thousands to test battery life.
- Comes with two channels that can each analyze a battery or can be combined with each other or other UBA5s for unlimited charge and discharge current.
- Stores all results in industry standard text format that you can import into your favorite spreadsheet.
- Battery temperature sensor option: use ours, use yours or use your battery's built-in ensor.
- Two year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.
- Lead free/RoHS, FCC approval and CE Mark.

Battery type: all chemistries, primary and secondary cells
Battery voltage: single cell to 18V pack (or higher)
Battery capacity: 10mAh to over 100Ah (or less - see custom)
Charge current: Up to 2A per channel
Load current: Up to 3A/45W per channel
Number of channels: 2
Interface: USB and Serial

UBA Console Software

The UBA5 comes with UBA Console software. This software allows full control over the UBA5 enabling unprecedented flexibility in designing a battery analysis.

The anaysis results from a NiCd test is shown below. The battery was fully charged before the test. The battery was discharged 559mAh before it reached the cutoff voltage. Thus the battery is functioning at 93% rated capacity which is acceptable for a used NiCd battery.

Graphical Battery Analysis Routine

UBA Console includes advanced battery analysis design capability which uses a grapical based design environment. This allows you to design your battery analysis using charge and discharge modules and loops and subroutines. Or use the analysis routines that come with your UBA.

The analysis routine can be as simple as this NiMH Discharge and Charge routine:

Or as complicated as this lithium ion camera load simulation routine that simulates the load that a camera battery will experience taking 200 pictures and then being recharged. This charge/discharge cycle is reapeated until the battery can no longer provide the power for the 200 pictures. This routine consists of this main routine:

and this subroutine:

PC Requirements

You require a PC running Microsoft Windows (95 or later) with at least 20Meg free hard drive space and a free serial or USB port.
For a single UBA5 a PC with at least a 486 processor and 8M memory is required.
For more than one UBA5, we recommend at least a PII 150MHz 32MB with 800 x 600 display.
For 10 or more UBA5s we recommend a more recent PC with Win2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 or 64bit).
The software will also run under Linux using Wine

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