Desco 231296 Earth Bonding Point bar 1x10mm stud 2x4mm socket

Desco 231296 Earth Bonding Point bar 1x10mm stud 2x4mm socket

EBP Earth Bonding Point bar with 1 x 10mm. male stud and 2 x 4 mm. female socket, 3m. cord. Desco 231296 Batter Fly BF000117B.

The Groung Nodes EBP (Earth Bonding Point) is used on the tables of the EPA area to link together the work planthe floor and the bracelet.
Each entry of EPB has a 1MΩ resistor and the output cable, 3 meters longmust be grounded

Designed to be mounted on under-side of bench top or shelf
Supplied with screws and spare ring terminal,
Black cord 3m long, exits via strain relief on right
Fitted with three 1 megohm 1/2 Watt resistors
EBP 231305 Desco is  72mmx37mmx38mm size and is made of ABS. The yellow barhasa rear cover to prevent access to the resistors.
Resistors are usually built-in to each connector. The normal earth contact is linked via individual 1 megohm resistor rated at 1/2W. In the event of a workstation element becoming live the resistor will limit the fault current to less than 0.3mA at 240V. The resistor is capable of withstanding 500VDC for 6 minutes.

Assembly Instructions:
- The EBP bar should be fixed to the edge of a bench or other suitable work equipment within reach and accessible to all connecting ground cords, but where it is unlikely to be knocked and damaged or hinder the operator.
- Mount EBP bar with two M5 pan-head screws (included), minimum 12mm long.
- Connect earthing cord to a suitable earth. A spare ring terminal is supplied if the cordneeds to be shortened.

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Molto veloci e professionali. Ottimo prodotto.

Alex on 16/01/2020

Super fast service, nice quality item!

JayFlyer on 15/01/2020