ottima azienda, tempi consegna normali buone possibilita' di contatto sia via mail che telefonicamente, da consigliare

Roberto F on 10/10/2017

Pleasantly surprised!

At the time i ordered one of the items (Hakko FX-888D) was not in stock but they quickly informed me of it and when it was expected to be in stock (sep 27th) and held of with sending the other items i had ordered until then (i prefer this), it then took until the 4th of oct to deliver to me in Sweden using TNT which used my local postal service provider to deliver within the country, this seemed to result in the package being listed as delivered in TNT's tracking page when it was really just at the closest post office, just a minor problem that i instantly contacted TNT to ask about and they checked so that it wasn't delivered to the wrong person without any hassle, so good communication on their part too a bit sketchy tracking-system but no real problems.

The Extech EX330 multimeter i ordered, well it does what it's supposed to, although it's kinda hard to switch mode single handedly and likes to turn itself off after a couple of minutes in standby.
As for the soldering station it's literary a dream come true i just wanna solder all day long, it works great and just oozes of quality, i couldn't be happier with it.

Joakim on 06/10/2017

Best price on the market, free shipping and fast delivery. Highly recommended!

A. Meszaros on 05/10/2017

Ordered a HAKKO FX888D Silver. Good packaging and fast delivery. The best price I could find. Will recommend !

Michael on 05/10/2017

Very fast delivery - 5 days (including a weekend) to Estonia. Quality products and great customer service! Very satisfied!

Raido on 05/10/2017

La mia esperienza d'acquista è molto positiva; ottima la comunicazione con BatterFly; prodotti di assoluta eccellenza!

Gregorio Costa on 02/10/2017

This genuine solder station is unbeatable for the price. The shop service is perfect too!

Girmantas on 02/10/2017

Simply perfect

Miguel on 29/09/2017

Nulla da eccepire, ordinato oscilloscopio Siglent SDS1202X-E arrivato in si e no 24 ore. Imballo perfetto, come uscito dalla fabbrica, personale cortese e attenzione al cliente anche post-vendita, come ci si aspetta da dei veri professionisti. Al bisogno comprerò ancora da voi. Quanto allo strumento acquistato un giorno di test non è abbastanza per poter dare una valutazione vera e propria. L'impressione però è più che buona: strumento solido e preciso, anche più di quanto realmente mi aspettassi, le dimensioni adatte al mio workbench, il produttore ha rilasciato un nuovo firmware per correggere alcuni piccoli bug. E' certamente un prodotto cinese, ma Siglent non è 'cineseria'. Se vi bastano 2 canali per 200MHz di banda passante e sample rate a 1GSa/s a questo prezzo attualmente non troverete di meglio.

Agostino on 27/09/2017

5 star for customer service.Bought FX-951 a while ago,works great,as expected.The info/service people always reply promptly to all my emails, they even replied to an email that i accidentally forwarded to them. Absolutely satisfied!

Chris on 25/09/2017

Aquistato oscilloscopio rigol 1054z,tutto perfetto,spedizione veloce,consigliatissimo.

alessandro on 24/09/2017

ho aquistato un oscilloscopio della rigol sono molto soddisfatto me l'hanno spedito nei tempi previsti e la comunicazione e stata ottima

giuseppe taula on 16/09/2017

puntualissimi e precisi...sono molto soddisfatto e continuero' ad acquistare da voi....!!!

Andrea on 15/09/2017

Pienamente soddisfatto dalla velocita' di consegna e puntualita'...prodotto perfetto...continuero' volentieri a comprare da voi!!

Andrea on 15/09/2017

L'apparecchio é ottimo funzionale e maneggevole
Per lavorarci ci vuole un po' di esperienza ho tanta volontà di capire come risaldare una saldatura
Io sono un tecnico e queste macchine le uso al banco, laquisto da me fatto mi serve per quando esco dalla sede e
Vado ha riparare Delle macchine.
Ripeto Ottima macchina per la sua costruzione e lavoro

gianni on 08/09/2017

Ottimo utensile per usarlo ci vuole un pò di esperienza
nei circuiti le saldature da eliminare lo stagno non é euguale per tutti
Si deve riscaldare con stagno nuovo e dopo aspirare.
E un ottimo utensile anche nella costruzione molto pulita.

Gianni on 08/09/2017

Very good communication with these guys. Product aslo in a perfect conditions in most cases. If had some problems bu together we hae solved it.
One thing that should be improved is shiping. My last percel was siglent vaweform generator and i asked to pack it additionaly, and they've done it very nice (a big boxe and a lot of bubbles) but the primary (original one with the generator itslef) box had a huge hole in it, but luckly the generator is not damaged/scrached even plastic foil that covers it. It is a good shop with a lot of good things. Recommand.

Gospodarenco Iaroslav on 08/09/2017

Quality, very fast delivery!

Stijn Roeld on 05/09/2017

Quality goods, well packed and very fast
delivered to Belgium!

Stijn Roels on 05/09/2017

Items delivered very fast, same day shipping, great prices, will return for other stuff also. Thank you Batter Fly! :)

Zamur on 05/09/2017

Product as described, great price and fast tracked shipping. Perfect!

Olivier Swinkels on 05/09/2017

Πολύ αξιόπιστο κατάστημα για hakko είναι 100% γνησία, αγόρασα τον σταθμό fx888d και είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένος, σας ευχαριστώ πολύ και εύχομαι να ξανά συνεργαστούμε!

Alexandros on 01/09/2017

Realy good service! I was impressed, that I received answer to my email even during the vacation of the shop. Definitely will come back.

Alex on 31/08/2017

Ho acquistato una stazione stilo saldante hakko fx-888d, veramente ottima, qualità prezzo.
Spedizione velocissima .. consigliato vivamente

Manfredi on 31/08/2017

Very professionnal service! Easy contact and fast answer. I recommand

William N on 31/08/2017

Pro service. fast shipping and delivery, best prices, good communication and order tracking. The items in the shipping box are well protected.

Olivier on 31/08/2017

Super soddisfatto! E' il mio primo acquisto da Batter Fly. Assistenza telefonica impeccabile, imballaggio perfetto e consegna in meno di 24h.

Mauro on 30/08/2017

Servizio eccellente!

Simonetta on 26/08/2017

Ordered a HakkoFX888 that was faulty (a bad transformer). Contacted Hakko who confirmed the problem, but the factories were closed for the holidays, so I had to wait an extra week for the replacement. Batter Fly was quick to respond and sent the new unit with a fast delivery. Very happy with their service!

Reko on 26/08/2017

Great product portfolio, great service! Ordered many Hakko products which met my expectations. Be back for sure. Totally recommend.

Silviu on 24/08/2017

Thank you for taking care of my order. The service was great and the product is better than we expected!

Jacquelien on 24/08/2017

spedizione e consegna rapidissimi!

lorenzo on 24/08/2017

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