Advanced Embedded Debug with Jitter and Real-Time Eye Analysis

Posted by gm77 06/08/2019 0 Comment(s) 217

Debugging embedded communications is one of the most common tasks for electronic design engineers. Efficient Analysis of serial communications requires more than simple triggering and decoding but historically there has been a significant cost difference between the oscilloscopes with mixed signal, serial triggering, and serial decode capabilities and the high performance instruments with advanced analysis. Engineers need the ability to test long term signal quality characteristics including jitter and eye patterns without investing in high performance, high cost solutions.
The RIGOL MSO8000 provides the most complete analysis capabilities, deepest memory, and highest sample rate in its class. Built for embedded design and debug, the RIGOL MSO8000 is designed to enable engineers to speed verification and debug of serial communications on a budget. Let’s look at how class leading sampling, memory, and analysis can be used debug complex signal quickly and easily with the help of Jitter and Eye Analysis.

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