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Pico A3136 active probe kit 1.3GHz

Pico A3136 active probe kit 1.3GHz

A3000 Series active probes with Intelligent Probe Interface
The Pico A3000 Series are high-impedance active oscilloscope probes. They have been designed to have minimal impact on the signal being probed with maximum signal transfer to the PicoScope 6000E Series via the intelligent probe interface. Their ergonomic design allows for comfortable handheld use with the addition of a button to start and pause capturing in PicoScope 6. The intelligent probe interface powers the probe from the scope and automatically sets the scope’s scaling and input impedance to match the probe. With an input resistance of 1 MΩ and capacitance of 0.9 pF, these active probes offer high input impedance into the GHz range. These characteristics make this probe the most versatile for many of your day-to-day measurements.

- Up to 1.3 GHz probe bandwidth
- Click-to-fit convenience
- Super light flexible cable
- Control capture start and stop using a button on the probe
- Connects directly to PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes with the Intelligent Probe Interface
- Powered by the oscilloscope, eliminating separate power supplies and interface boxes
- Automatic probe detection and unit scaling
- LED status indicator

Each probe is supplied in a kit containing the following parts:
- Probe tip (pack of 10)
- Ground blade (pack of 2 sizes, 2 of each)
- Channel color markers (8 colors, 2 of each)
- Spring tip (pack of 10)
- Ground leads (2)
- Cable pin (pack of 10)
- Gold plated copper wire 0.3 mm 30 SWG
- Micro pincer SMD clip black
- Micro pincer SMD clip red
- Joggle adaptor
- Carry case
- Quick start guide

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