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Personal Protections

Personal Protections
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BF000050 ESD Wrist Wraps with termination button / banana

The BF000050 Wrist Strap is adjustable in order to adhere perfectly to the wrist size. Resistance: ..


BF000050B ESD Wrist wraps with termination button / button

ESD Wrist wrapst with blue spiral cable of 3 meters and termination button / button  Resistan..


BF000112 ESD Disposable Shoe Covers, pack of 120 pcs

ESD Disposable Shoe Covers, blue color, pack of 120, item BF000112 ESD disposable overshoes for..


BF000113A ESD Antiallergic wrist band with 10mm stud

ESD Antiallergic blue wrist band with male button 10mm, BF000113A Can be combined with BF0..


BF000123 Heel grounder, disposable, pack of 100

Disposable heel grounder for visitors, pack of 100 pcs. BF000123   The disposable heel ..


BF000135 Disposable coat white

Disposable Lab Coats in polypropylene, colour white Thickness 45 gr./mq. (non-woven fabric) W..


BF000135ESD Disposable coat white

ESD Disposable Lab Coats in polypropylene, color white Thickness 60 gr./mq. (non-woven &nb..


BF000143 ESD Badge holder with clip

ESD badge holder with clip closure, BF000143 Clear/ transparent with ESD symbol Size: 95 x 65 ..


BF000195D Blue coiled cord, 3m, button / banana

Blue coiled cord 3 meters long item BF000195D. Resistance = 1 MΩ  Female Button /&..


BF000195E Blue coiled cord, 3m, button / button

Blue coiled cord 3 meters long item BF000195E. Resistance = 1 MΩ  Female&..


Desco 17252 Non-Marking Heel Grounder with 1 Mohm Resistor

Heel Grounder in rubber that leaves no trace and resistor of 1 Mohm model Desco 17252. Neoprene..

Desco 249220 ESD Disposable Heel Ground Dispenser -27%

Desco 249220 ESD Disposable Heel Ground Dispenser

ESD Disposable Heel Ground Dispenser, Desco 249220 The Dispenser Desco 249220 is designed ..

52,00€ 38,00€

Desco 249266 Foot Grounder for woman

Desco 249266 Foot grounder for woma, Toe, Wescorp 1MEG resistor Designed to meet IEC 61340-5-1 ..


Desco 35012 ESD Badge Holder

ESD badge holder horizontal with clip-on, size 108x75mm, Desco 35012 Ideal for use by electronic..


ESD Lab Disposable Coat BF002260

ESD Disposable coat in dissipative non-woven fabric, item BFESD BF002260 The ESD smock BF002260 is ..


Heel grounder men's shoes R = 1MΩ

High quality and longevity reusable conductive heel grounder, excellent operator protection against ..


Portwest PW33 Glasses with polycarbonate lens

Univet Occhiali DPI 511.030100 lente neutra Occhiale DPI con montatura realizzata in materiale ..


Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1 ESD Portable Field Service Kit

Portable Field Service Kit for created a small ESD protected area, Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1 The..


Univet 520 Safety glasses with colourless lens

Safety glasses for the impact of particles on low speed (1.2 ms). This glasses / eye meet the requ..


Univet Occhiali BF003131 lente neutra

Univet Occhiali BF003131 lente neutra Caratteristiche Protegge da impatti e raggi UV ..

Univet Occhiali DPI 601027701 lente neutra -17%

Univet Occhiali DPI 601027701 lente neutra

Protective mask with neutral lens, Univet model 601.02.77.01 Technical features Wide field ..

16,90€ 14,00€

Univet Occhiali DPI BF003130 lente verde IR 5 policarbonato

Safety glasses completely overlapping with corrective glasses, model Univet 5x7.01.11.50IPL. 5X..