Batronix MSO Demo Board BXD001

Batronix MSO Demo Board BXD001

Batronix Demo board with function generator (0.2 Hz to 10 kHz in 16 steps) for sine, square, triangle, ramp and many other test signals (sweep, burst, AM modulation, PWM, noise, error and others).

It is equipped with SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, Manchester and parallel bus interface and an RF test section, an RF output and a Bode plot demo filter. Including training documentation ideal for training and education purposes.

The Batronix MSO Demo Board provides a wide variety of signals and experiments to demonstrate the functions of your oscilloscope or logic analyser, all on a compact board. This makes it ideal for use in training and education, from the beginner to the advanced user.

The built-in small function generator with 16 frequency steps as well as the RF signal source offers even after the training a lasting value for everyday development work.

What's in the box:
1x Demo Board
1x USB cable
1x Printed manual in English language

1) Power supply, USB type B (5 V DC)
2) Two configuration switches for selecting waveform type, speeds, serial interfaces and other parameters
3) Slotted holes for easy access to measurement of digital signals, e.g. using probe clamping hooks
4) Pin header (2.54 mm) for measuring available digital signals, e.g. for logic analyzer Dupont connectors
5) Output of PWM signals
6) Jumper for configuration of terminations, RF signal and Bode plot demo filter
7) RF test track for demonstration of RF effects and terminations
8) RF signal output via BNC socket, further BNC socket with adjustable termination and as input of the Bode plot demo filter
9) Signal taps of the Bode plot demo filter
10) Signal outputs of the function generator (50 Ohm, low-pass filtered and unfiltered)

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Waveform Generator
On the demo board there is a function generator, which can generate a number of different different waveforms via a 10 bit DAC at 200 kSa/s.
- Sine, square, triangle and ramps in the frequency range 0.2 to 10000 Hz (in 16 steps)
- Sweep, burst, AM modulation, PWM, DC with adjustable parameters
- Sine and square wave signals with noise or errors (noise / error frequency adjustable in 16 steps)
- Various other test signals to learn the use of the different oscilloscope triggers among other things
- The signals are amplified via operational amplifiers and put out low-pass filtered on one BNC socket and unfiltered on another BNC socket

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Trigger effectively
Get to know the trigger options of your oscilloscope properly and trigger more effectively. The demo board provides you with suitable signals of common problems and the training documentation shows you when which trigger is helpful.
- Edge-Trigger
- Pulse-Width-Trigger
- Interval-Trigger
- Dropout- / Timeout-Trigger
- Slope- / Slew-Rate- / Rise-Time-Trigger
- Window-Trigger
- Runt-Trigger
- Decoder-Trigger

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Using the oscilloscope's range of functions
Get to know the functions of your oscilloscope and work with it more effectively. Today's oscilloscopes bring a tremendous amount of functionality and many users only use a portion of it.
- Cursors
- Measurements
- Persistence
- Mask tests
- References
- Math functions
- FFT / Spectrum Analysis
- Frequency response analysis (Bode plot)
- XY plot

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Decoding interfaces
Learn how to trigger and decode different interfaces. On the demo board there are different standard interfaces (SPI, I2C, UART) with bidirectional communication as well as a 7-bit parallel bus on which also CAN / CAN-FD and LIN communications run.
The signals are available on long holes for tapping with probe clamp hooks and on pin headers for tapping with logic analyzer Dupont connector.
- SPI, I2C and UART interfaces with bidirectional communication.
- 16 interface configurations and various messages
- 16 baud rates/frequencies
- CAN, CAN-FD, LIN and Manchester communication (with and without errors)

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See and handle RF signals
See reflections and other effects of fast signals, learn why a good probe ground termination is important and the effects of improper termination.
There are two very fast logic gates on the demo board that can be used to demonstrate a range of RF effects, the need for good probe ground connections and suitable termination.
- RF test track with 450 ps rise time (RF and termination demo on PCB’s)
- BNC output with 450 ps rise time signal (RF and termination demo with cables)
- BNC termination input with selectable termination (33/50/75/open)

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Training material
Chapter 1 of the manual provides an overview and general information about the demo board. The training section begins with Chapter 2, where you will learn step- by-step how to use your oscilloscope with the help of the demo board. Chapter 3 is about decoding interfaces and Chapter 4 is about high and radio frequency (HF/RF) effects.
Throughout the tutorial there is always room for your own experiments, while at the same time a possible solution to the experiment is presented. The wide range of variations allows for an individual measurement experience.

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