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STEINEL HG 2320E Electronically controlled Hot Air Gun

STEINEL HG 2320E Electronically controlled Hot Air Gun

The digital precision tool for temperature-critical materials. The 2300-W STEINEL HG 2320 E hot air tool is fitted with a 3 m cable, making it perfectly equipped for jobs that demand greater freedom of movement. The ceramic heaters temperature can be infinitely varied over a range of 80 °C - 650 °C at the thumbwheel. Integrated thermal cut-out eliminates the risk of overheating. Airflow can be controlled in 2 stages from 150 – 500 l/min. At just 1030 g (without power cord), the HG 2320 E hot air tool is one of the lightweights in its performance category.


Features of STEINEL HG2320E: 2300-watt brushless motor, rated for 1,000 hours of operation. Digital temperature adjustment by joystick. LCD display showing temperature in 10 °C steps, includes heat build-up warning function and residual-heat indicator. The optimised weight balance and ergonomically shaped handle with soft inlay permit fatigue-free work. Non-slip standing surface and hanger.
Service-friendly: the power cord can be changed without opening the enclosure.
Accessories: the HL Scan temperature scanner, a fine dust filter as well as the comprehensive range of STEINEL nozzle and consumables.

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