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Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO Electric tester Kit

Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO Electric tester Kit

Beha-Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO Safe and reliable voltage measurements in hard-to-reach places

Safety requirements for electrical switchboards are getting more rigorous and electrical parts are increasingly protected by covers to ensure they won’t be accidently touched. As electrical contact points become more covered, it is becoming harder to ensure reliable contact for testing without having to remove protective covers. Test probes on average voltage testers are generally too short for these enhanced isolators, making it difficult to assess voltage presence. Especially for proving the absence of voltage reliable contact is fundamental.

To allow you to do your job safely and easily, Beha-Amprobe has developed new test probe extenders.
These test probe extenders are especially designed to allow measurement at fuse switch disconnectors and busbars inside switchboards with isolators and isolation switches. The extenders ensure reliable contact without compromising safety.

Beha Amprobe 2100-GAMMA PRO is a new kit that contains:
The 2100 GAMMA voltage tester
Extensions for 2100-ACCS PROBE Test Probe
CC-2100 protective shell

What's in the box:
- 1x Voltage tester
- 2x GS 38 caps
- 2x 4mm tip extension
- 2x Test tip extender
- 1x Holster
- 2x User manual

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