GW Instek MDO-2102A Oscilloscopes

GW Instek MDO-2102A Oscilloscopes
GW Instek MDO-2102A 100MHz 8", 2CH, 2GSa/s, 20MHz Memory Length + Spectrum Analyzer

- 300/200/100MHz bandwidth selections ;2 channels
- Real time sampling rate is 2GSa/s max.
- Per Channel 20M memory depth and VPO waveform display technology
- Waveform update rate up to 120,000 wfms/s
- 8 “ WVGA TFT LCD display
- Maximum 1M FFT provides higher frequency domain resolution measurements
- High ,low and band pass filter functions
- 29,000 segmented memories and waveform search functions
- I2C/UART/CAN/LIN serial bus trigger and decoding function
- Data log function is able to track signal changes up to 1000 hours
- Network storage function
- Mask test function
- MDO-2000AG equips with a dual channel 25MHz AWG

MDO-2000A is an advanced version of MDO-2000E. The selectable bandwidth range is upgraded to 300MHz. The full bandwidth ranges include 300MHz, 200MHz and 100MHz. The sampling rate has upgraded to Max. 2GSa/s and the memory depth has also been upgraded to 20M/CH. Hence, the three major specifications of oscilloscopes have been improved. The new models of the series feature 2 channels including MDO-2000A and MDO-2000AG. The entire series offers the functions of oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. On top of that, MDO-2000AG features a dual-channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator. The new generation MDO-2000A series provides better sampling rate and memory depth for users to obtain more realistic signal integrity, and higher bandwidth selections meet the measurement requirements of higher frequencies.

Standard Accessories
Power Cord, Certificate of Calibration,
CD-ROM (with Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Programming Manual)
Passive probe (one probe per channel)
GTL-110 BNC-BNC cable*2 (MDO-2000AG only)

Free Download
OpenWave software; USB driver; LabVIEW driver

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Servizio eccellente, ottimi prodotti, consegna rapidissima. Grazie mille!!!

Max sopra 20/01/2021

In engineering the people who do the work understand the basic factors: good, cheap, and fast. It is a daily reality that normally we have to pick at most two of these things. You can have it fast and...

Anonymous sopra 17/01/2021