Vision CamZ ingranditore digitale palmare

Vision CamZ ingranditore digitale palmare

Ingranditore digitale palmare Vision CamZ
Handheld digital magnifier for portable inspection

La confezione comprende:
Caricabatteria con cavo USB per il collegamento al PC
Panno per la pulizia
Cinturino di sicurezza
Manuale di istruzioni
Valigetta in materiale plastico resistente

Optimised for macro, magnified imaging (up to 14x), CamZ is an amazing handheld digital magnifier, providing ultimate convenience for a wide range of imaging tasks. With CamZ, you can magnify, inspect and capture images, where you want, when you want!
Store up to 100 images...

Suitable for production environments, CamZ provides high resolution magnification (up to 14x) and documentation, where you want, when you want.
Ergonomically positioned buttons.
Capture image. Magnification. Illumination.
Dual LED illumination, optimised for macro image capture.
Simple X,Y on-screen dimensioning, with cursor & grid functions.
Store up to 100 images.

It's so simple.
With a high resolution colour display, simple button operation and image capture/download capability, CamZ is ideal for roving inspectors, documenting faults, or for inspecting immobile subjects.

"I use CamZ for..."
For all sorts of roving inspection tasks.
When I cannot move the subject, or it saves me from having to take the subject to QC.
My first time error definition tasks.
For mobile documentation of manufacturing or assembly faults.
When I just need quick, simple on-screen X,Y dimensioning.

"It is so useful. I just love..."
The large high resolution display - I can see every detail.
How I can change magnifications at the touch of a button.
4x - 14x magnification provides all the options I need!
The robust, high quality design.
How the LED illumination is optimised for macro imaging.
I don't need to fiddle with any camera settings. Great!
USB connectivity. Downloading images is so easy.



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