Motic Moticam 1 camera 0.5MP

Motic Moticam 1 camera 0.5MP

Motic Moticam 1 the entry model

Attachable digital C-mount camera Sensor: CMOS
Live resolution: 800x600 pixels Optical calculation: 1/4"
Output: Attachable USB 2.0
Focusable lens: 8mm
2 variable diameter eyepiece adapters
Macrotube for specimen observation
Motic Images Plus 3.0 for Windows, OSX and Linux Motic 4-dot calibration slide
Operation system: Windows, OSX and Linux

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  • Marca: MOTIC
  • Codice Prodotto: 1100600100601
  • Disponibilità: 1 Settimana
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  • 189,00€
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Purchase at 12 and shipped at 15. Package received 3 days after . Batterfly was very reactiv and efficient . On the next day it was in use for our project . Very satisfied . I will recommend it

Laurent sopra 29/09/2020

very good product, fast delivery and excellent services

Floricica Alexandru sopra 28/09/2020