Fluke 2638A/40 Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System/Digital Multimeter - 40 canali

Fluke 2638A/40 Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System/Digital Multimeter - 40 canali

Fluke 2638A/40 Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System/Digital Multimeter - 40 canali

Price-performance breakthrough in a stand-alone data acquisition system

The Fluke Hydra Series III continues the Hydra Series legacy of precision, multi-channel data acquisition. The new Series III improves on Hydra's industry-leading thermocouple accuracy and adds a new dimension to how you collect and view data in a portable system.

DC measurement accuracy of 0.0024 %, basic 0.5 °C thermocouple accuracy, full-color display, easy-to-use menu system and industrial safety ratings put the 2638A in a category of its own as a precision data acquisition system. The dedicated 6.5 digit digital multimeter (DMM) mode provides additional utility and value.

The 2638A is expandable from 22 to 66 channels of differential analog inputs. A flexible, 22-channel Universal Input Connector lets you connect and disconnect any type of input to any channel, quickly and easily. Selectable inputs include dc voltage, ac voltage, resistance, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, frequency and dc and ac current. You can also use the 2638A with optional software and other Fluke data loggers to create a flexible, customized data acquisition system with an almost unlimited number of channels.
2638A Hydra Series III features at a glance

DC accuracy of 0.0024 %
Thermocouple accuracy of 0.5 °C
Up to 66 universal differential isolated inputs
On-screen color trend graphing of up to four channels at a time
Easy-to-use menu system for setup and data management
Input types: ac V, dc V, ac I, dc I, thermocouple, PRT (2, 3, 4 w), thermistor, resistance (2-4 w), frequency
Multi-channel real-time data display
6.5-digit bench DMM function for front-panel inputs
Monitor function for real-time viewing and charting between scans
20 on-board math channels
One-button screen capture of chart or data displays
45 channels/second basic dc scan rate
Internal 57,000 scan/setup file memory
USB flash drive support
Data security features
300 V CAT II input safety rated


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I ordered a desoldering station that got lost in transit but they asked regularly for updates and sent it to me again, so they solved the problem in a timely manner.

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Volevo ringraziarvi per la competenza,serietà nel vostro settore e la cortesia del personale chiamato! Ho ricevuto il materiale nei tempi previsti e in perfetto stato. Ancora da accendere e provare...

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