FTE ComProbe SoderaTM Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

FTE ComProbe SoderaTM Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

ComProbe® SoderaTM Wideband Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer ComProbe Sodera
Broaden Your View - See it all!

With the ComProbe Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer you see all Bluetooth traffic on all channels - everything that is in the air! View inquiry and paging packets along with Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready (low energy and "Classic") packets. See them all simultaneously as they happen.

- Whole-band 2.4 GHz ISM captures
- Capture now, decrypt and decode later
- Built in battery pack for continuous operation - even if power is interrupted, the ComProbe Sodera analyzer continues capturing data
- Built on the powerful ComProbe software, used by engineers around the world to develop and quickly troubleshoot their Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices
- Works with the Bluetooth Audio Expert System software module for ease in troubleshooting Bluetooth protocol related audio issues
- Full Bluetooth 4.2 Compliant - uses a software defined radio technology to ease future Bluetooth specification changes and updates
- Every Bluetooth channel and packet type captured simultaneously, as they occur:
   All pre-connection traffic – Paging and Inquiry, Frequency Hopping Sequence (FHS)
   All Bluetooth Smart Ready ("Classic" - BR/EDR) packets
   All Bluetooth Smart (low energy - LE) packets
   BOTH Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready (low energy and "Classic") packets together in a single coexistence view

Portable and Easy to Use

There has never been a more versatile and easier to use Bluetooth protocol analyzer. Its compact format and built in battery pack makes it easy to use in the lab or in the field. Just turn it on and choose the devices and topologies that you want to follow, then view the data in familiar views within ComProbe software like “Frame Display”, “Timeline”, “Packet Error Rate Statistics”, “Coexistence View”, “ Message Sequence Chart”, and more!

    Compact format (6.25" wide X 2.125" tall X 6.5" deep)
    Select your devices to focus on and your piconets and topologies
    Single click to start capturing data
    Built in battery pack - handles power interruptions and power cycling - great for automotive testing
    Decrypt and analyze data DURING or AFTER capture - live and post-capture decryption

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Scherpe prijzen, snelle levering. Aanrader. Competitive prices, fast delivery. Recommended.

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