Graphtec GL820 Isolated input, multi-channel logger

Graphtec GL820 Isolated input, multi-channel logger

Graphtec GL820 Isolated input, multi-channel logger

Huge 2GB Flash Memory, modular system allows expansion up to 200 channels

Modular system allows expansion up to 200 channels
The standard configuration has 20 analogue input channels. It can be expanded up to 200 channels by adding optional 20 channelextension terminal kits.

All channels are isolated, each with multifunction input
Isolated channels, each with multifunction input

It contains an isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by inputs to other channels, thus eliminating wiring concerns. The GL820s multi-type inputs are suitable for voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse, and logic signals, enabling combined measurements of different phenomena like temperature/humidity and voltage.

Maximum sampling rate of up to 10ms
Provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements. Can achieve 10ms sampling interval when limiting the number of channels in use.

External sampling function
Captured data can be synchronized with external timing signals when the external sampling rate function is used.*3
*3: The Logic/alarm cable, (B-513 option), is needed to connect the alarm output ports.

Built-in 2GB Flash Memory for reliable long term measurement
The 2GB Flash Memory enables secure long term data measurement without using an external storage device. Data is retained even when power is turned off because flash memory is used.

Ring memory function
The most recent data is saved when internal memory or external memory is configured in ring memory mode. Captured data size in ring memory mode is limited to 1/3 of available memory.

Hot-swappable USB memory sticks
Also supports popular USB memory sticks for external storage. The GL820 saves measured data directly to USB memory sticks. USB memory sticks can be replaced during measurement without data loss.

Large easy-to-read 5.7-inch wide TFT color LCD
Utilises a bright clear 5.7-inch wide TFT color LCD monitor (VGA: 640 x 480 dots). Makes it easy to read data in waveform or digital form and to check your measurement parameter settings. The background color of the screen can be set to black or white.

PC-friendly, supports USB memory stick, has USB and LAN ports
Supports USB memory devices

Captured data can be saved directly to USB memory sticks when these are chosen for external storage.

Easy connection to PC via USB or Ethernet
The GL820 can be controlled by a PC if connected by USB cable, allowing transfer of data to a PC in real-time. If you need to move large data files to your PC then the GL820 can emulate an external USB drive for quick data transfer.
The WEB & FTP server function, FTP client-server function and NTP client function are supported when the GL820 is connected to the LAN via the Ethernet port.

Easy connection to PC
The GL820 can be controlled by a PC if connected by USB cable, allowing transfer of data to a PC in real-time.

Various measurement screens
Select from 4 screens such as the Y-T (waveform + digital), Y-T (large waveform), digital view and report view to display measurements in real time.

Informative data replay screens
Three screens are available to view measurements in replay mode. The Y-T (waveform) display, the digital display and the X-Y graph can be selected to show your specified data. The maximum, minimum, average and peak-to-peak values between cursors are shown when using the digital display screen.

Simple configuration screens
The number of configuration screens has been reduced to five. Parameters can be set easily while viewing measured waveforms.

Useful functions
Post-process your captured data with useful functions for arithmetic calculation, statistical calculation, search and file format conversion.

Other features
Alarm output function

Alarm signals can be output when alarm conditions occur. Four alarm output ports are fitted.*7
*7: The Logic/alarm cable, (B-513 option), is needed to connect the alarm output ports.

Can be used with 3 types of power source
Chose from AC supply, DC supply or the optional battery pack which enables 6 hours*8 of continuous measurement. The power source is automatically switched to the battery pack when the AC power supply is interupted. If the capacity of the battery pack goes low then measurement is automatically terminated and the captured data file is closed and protected.
*8: DC power drive cable and battery pack are optional extras. Measuring time by using the battery pack varies on the conditions.

Opzioni disponibili e prezzi
logic/alarm cable (B-513): prezzo euro 111 + IVA

DC power cable (2m) (B-514): prezzo euro 70 + IVA

Battery pack (B-517): prezzo euro 139 + IVA

Humidity sensor (3m) (B-530): euro 460 + IVA

Extension terminal base kit (B-537): euro 416 + IVA

20ch extension terminal set (B-538): euro 838 + IVA


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E' stato il mio primo acquisto su Batterfly (siglent sds1202): veloci, imballaggio impeccabile, prodotto perfetto. Consiglio l'acquisto in questo negozio senza ombra di dubbio!

Mauro sopra 29/07/2020

Ho acquistato un oscilloscopio DS1054Z che ho ricevuto in 48 ore. Sono molto soddisfatto di essermi affidato allo staff Batterfly, riscontrando cordialità e professionalità. Consiglio questo sito,...

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