GW Instek APS-1102A

GW Instek APS-1102A
GW Instek APS-1102A 1kVA Programmable AC/DC Power Source

Standard Delivery
User Manual x 1
Power Cord x 2 (15A / 125V ; 2m ; for JAPAN ) / (10A/250V;1.5m without plug, for JAPAN , North America and Europe Only)
CD-ROM (Remote Control Software) x 1

5.7" Large LCD Display
Output Capacity: 1kVA(for AC 200V Input)
Output Modes: AC and AC+DC Combined with any of four signal sources
Signal Source: Internal(INT),External(EXT),Internal+External(ADD) and Synchronization(SYNC)
Arbitrary Waveform Power Output
Power Amplifier of External Signal
Measurement Functions: Voltage, Current, Power ,Frequency, Power Factor,CF,and Harmonic Current
Capacitor Input Load Supported
Sequence Function Allows Programming of Output Patterns
Limiter Function ( Upper / Lower / Limit Function)
30 sets of Save / Recall Memory
Output On / Off Switch
USB(USBTMC)and RS-232 Standard for Remote Control
PC Software (Including Data Logging)
Need an Arbitrary Waveform Power Source? No Problem!
The AC power supply APS-1102A is not only in the role as a precision AC/DC power source but also a powerful analyzer, containing abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. Besides providing AC/DC power, APS-1102A also allows free programming of outputs for the simulation of a power source with abnormal variations. The instantaneous interruption, frequency sweeping, voltage sweeping, and arbitrary waveforms of power source can be easily generated in accordance with the test requirements. The output function includes two main modes, AC and AC + DC. Each mode can be combined with any of the four signal sources, internal (INT), external (EXT), internal + external (ADD), and synchronization, to give an ultimate flexibility of power source setting. APS-1102 includes a multi-functional and user-friendly software, which supports the remote control of panel operations, Sequence editing and execution, Arbitrary waveform editing and transfer, and Data logging via USB interface. With capacity of 1kVA power and weighting of 20 lbs, APS-1102A provides powerful test and analysis features all in a comparatively compact and light-weight box.
Power output function includes AC and AC+DC main modes. Each mode can be combined with one of the signal sources, including internal, external, internal + external, and external synchronization, to provide a strong tool for the generation of a power source with abnormal variations.
Output of Arbitrary Waveforms
Arbitrary waveforms can be edited on the PC and transferred via USB interface to APS-1102A as the internal signal source for power output. 16 sets of waveform memory with 4k words waveform length each are available for arbitrary waveform generation and storage.
Amplifier of External Signal
The APS-1102A can be used as an amplifier for the external signal to generate output power source. When one selects the external signal source mode (AC-EXT or AC+DC-EXT) and connects the external signal to the external signal input/external sync signal input terminal (EXT SIG IN/EXT SYNC IN), APS-1102A generate the power output according to the waveform of the external signal input.
Power output synchronization with External Signal
The externally synchronized oscillation of APS-1102 allows the output power source to be frequency-synchronized with the external signal at TTL level in the frequency range from 40Hz to 500Hz.
B. Measurement Functions
The APS-1102A is equipped with the following measurement functions
Voltage (RMS, Average DC, Peak)
Current (RMS, Average DC, Peak, Peak hold)
Power (Effective, Reactive, Apparent)
Synchronization frequency (external synchronization)
Load power factor
Load crest factor
Harmonic current (50/60Hz fundamental, up to 40th harmonics)


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Good service and good customer support

Niklas sopra 26/05/2020

Hakko soldering equipment is not so easy to find in Europe, so I was really impressed by the range of products here at Batterfly. Prices are fair and delivery very fast. I will order again for sure!

Florian sopra 23/05/2020