Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen

The Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen is thermal imaging system designed for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, such as drones. It is a compact system that combines a thermal camera, a digital camera (set to a visible spectrum) and a processor unit that is able to record radiometric data and output it to a digital HDMI port all in one case.

Workswell WIRIS 2nd gen is a product designed for industrial inspection, mainly due to the real-time camera control (via standard RC radio transmitter) directly on the drone, providing many options. Using only one button it is possible to remotely save full radiometric imaging data (single pictures and videos), change temperature scale settings, measurement parameters (emissivity and apparent reflected temperature), temperature alarms, etc. These possibilities make the system unique.

Workswell’s CorePlayer software for measured data analysis, report creation etc. is delivered together with the system. Workswell’s ThermoFormat software is used for batch editing and exporting pictures (in order to create 3D models).

Workswell’s WIRIS 2nd gen thermal imaging system is supplied with either a 336px×256px resolution (WIRIS 336) or a 640px×512px resolution (WIRIS 640) resolution; you may choose from different objective lenses – see table of lenses below.

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great all round service

michael sinden sopra 09/09/2019

Great service and fast shipping!! We will buy more in the future!

William Hendriks sopra 09/09/2019

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