Inspectis HD-024-P-C Polarising Filter

Inspectis HD-024-P-C Polarising Filter
Inspectis HD-024-P-C is a polarising filter set consists of a polariser which is attached on front of the LED RingLight and an analyser which is screwed on the camera lens. It is inserted into the LED Ring light. Eliminates glare from highly reflective objects like solder joints.
58mm for Inspectis C12 series.

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  • Visualizzazioni: 1426
  • Marca: Inspectis
  • Codice Prodotto: HD-024-P-C
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile a breve
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  • 434,00€
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Purchase at 12 and shipped at 15. Package received 3 days after . Batterfly was very reactiv and efficient . On the next day it was in use for our project . Very satisfied . I will recommend it

Laurent sopra 29/09/2020

very good product, fast delivery and excellent services

Floricica Alexandru sopra 28/09/2020