PicoConnect 914 10:1 DC-coupled 4 GHz RF, microwave and pulse passive probe

PicoConnect 914 10:1 DC-coupled 4 GHz RF, microwave and pulse passive probe

PicoConnect 914 10:1 DC-coupled 4 GHz RF, microwave and pulse passive probe

Model 911 | 912 913 | 914 915 | 916
Nominal division ratio 20:1 10:1 5:1
Bandwidth (-3dB) > 4 GHz > 4 GHz > 5 GHz
Max. Usable data rate (fundamental) 8 Gb/s 8 Gb/s 10 Gb/s
Transition time < 87.5 ps < 87.5 ps < 70 ps
Probe tip impedance (nominal) 960 Ohm 440 Ohm 230 Ohm
Probe tip capacitance (typical) 0.3 pF 0.3 pF 0.3 pF
Probe tip capacitance (maximum) 0.4 pF 0.4 pF 0.4 pF
Coupling [1] AC | DC AC | DC AC | DC
Continuos AC voltage (maximum)[2] 14 V RMS 10 V RMS 8 V RMS
DC block voltage (max)[2] 50 V | n.a. 50 V | n.a. 50 V | n.a.

[1] AC models pass all frequencies above 160 kHz (–3 dB).
[2] 150 V peak subject to the RMS limitation and non-hazardous signal and connection within the meaning of EN61010 and the Low Voltage Directive.



The PicoConnect 900 Series low-invasive, high-frequency passive probes are designed for microwave and gigabit applications up to 9 GHz and 18 Gb/s. They deliver unprecedented performance and flexibility at a low price.
The probes employ a unique (patent pending) in-PCB construction to realize extremely low capacitance, coplanar microwave integrity, robust reliability and very low cost. The result is a family of miniature interchangeable passive probe heads that cover a range of division ratios, bandwidths and coupling types.

AC or DC coupled probe head
Pico also brings the flexibility of AC or DC coupling, again through selection of interchangeable probe heads. Low-impedance probes load the probed signal, slightly reducing the amplitude. If the signal has a DC bias they will source or sink current to or from the signal source, potentially changing the device operating bias. The AC-coupled probe avoids this DC bias problem. Low-frequency 3 dB cut-off is less than 160 kHz on all AC-coupled models and droop of pulse top or base is < 0.1%/ns.

Load-compensated divide ratio for multiple typical line impedances
The PicoConnect 900 Series low-impedance probes are suited only to the probing of low- impedance test nodes, typically in the range 0 Ω to 100 Ω. Such nodes will usually be terminated transmission lines, generally 50 Ω, 45 Ω or 75 Ω single-ended. It will also be common to use
two probes on 100 Ω or 90 Ω differential lines (50 Ω or 45 Ω single-ended). On the assumption of a test node impedance in this range, the PicoConnect 900 Series probes are ratio- compensated to give an error typically below 2.5% (0.2 dB) and no more than 11% (0.9 dB).

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