R&S® FPC-K7 Modulation Analysis Option

R&S® FPC-K7 Modulation Analysis Option

Rohde & Schwarz R&S® FPC-K7 Modulation Analysis Option (AM, FM, ASK, FSK) for FPC1000 and FPC1500.

The R&S®FPC-K7 converts the R&S®FPC1000 into a modulation analyzer for measuring the modulation quality of amplitude or frequency-modulated signals.

The analog demodulation display shows the waveform as well as a summary of measurement parameters such as carrier power, carrier offset, modulation index (depth) for AM signals, frequency deviation for FM signals, SINAD, THD, etc. The modulation summary display provides user- definable limits for each measurement. Demodulated audio is supported via the built-in speaker or the headphone jack.

Basic digital modulation formats are used with many applications, e.g. near-field communications. The R&S®FPC1000 supports both ASK and FSK analysis. The digital modulation displays include trace, eye diagram, modulation error and symbol analysis.

Easily verify the quality of the basic modulated signals with the R&S®FPC-K7 software option.

R&S®FPC-K7: FM modulation analysis.

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Ho acquistato osc, Digilent, spedizione velocissima e comunicazione perfetta. Ottimo.

Massimo, Varese sopra 29/05/2020

Very good service and fast reply. Higly recommended.

Per Ekström sopra 27/05/2020