Rohde & Schwarz FPH Analizzatore di spettro palmare

Rohde & Schwarz FPH Analizzatore di spettro palmare

Il Rohde & Schwarz Spectrum Rider FPH è un analizzatore di spettro portatile con range di frequenza da 5Hz a 2GHz.
Accessories supplied: Lithium ion battery pack, USB cable, AC power supply with country-specific adapters for EU, GB, US, AUS, CH, CD-ROM with R&S®Instrument View software and documentation, quick start guide, side strap.

Key facts
- Frequency ranges from 5 kHz to 2/3/4 GHz; upgrade via keycode
- Solid RF performance
- Ideal for field use: 8 hour battery life, 2.5 kg weight, backlit keypad, fast boot time, non reflective display, small footprint, ruggedized housing
- Large color display with touch and gesture operation
- Measurement wizard that supports measurement campaigns, speeds up measurements and avoids errors
- Features and options for various industries such as aerospace and defense, wireless communications, broadcasting, spectrum regulators and education
- Easy and cost efficient upgrades of all options via software keycode
- Three-year warranty as standard (battery one year)

In the lab

The R&S®Spectrum Rider features basic diagnostic capability for service or even development lab. It is ideal for EMI debugging to determine disturbance from a device under test during development. The R&S®Spectrum Rider offers a wide range of measurements, such as frequency and level measurements, spurious measurements, etc.
Requiring only minimum bench space, the R&S®Spectrum Rider is the perfect tool for tasks in R&D labs and service stations.
The R&S®Spectrum Rider can be easily remotely con- trolled via LAN or USB, which enables users to automate measurement scenarios. Using the R&S®Instrument View software, it is also possible to project the display on a larger screen. This makes the R&S®Spectrum Rider perfect for education purposes in schools and universities.

In the field

The light weight and ruggedness of the R&S®Spectrum Rider makes field work easy. Its unique combination of market-leading battery life of 8 hours, large 7” full color display and backlit keypad enables on-site operation day and night. Leveraging these unique features, field strength measurements as well as monitoring and locating the signal of interest become much more convenient and easier.
To save time and effort, users can also preconfigure 100 or more (depends on data storage media capacity) measurement sequences before setting off for measurements. This helps reduce human error and increase efficiency with automated measurements. After each measurement, the results are automatically saved.
For documentation, the R&S®Instrument View bundled software has a report generator function to generate a complete measurement report in a few seconds. For post- processing, the software can add markers to saved traces for a detailed analysis.

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I ordered a desoldering station that got lost in transit but they asked regularly for updates and sent it to me again, so they solved the problem in a timely manner.

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