Rohde & Schwarz HMC8015 Analizzatore di Potenza

Rohde & Schwarz HMC8015 Analizzatore di Potenza
Il Rohde & Schwarz HMC8015 è il primo analizzatore di potenza compatto per la caratterizzazione dell'assorbimento di corrente AC/DC sia sotto carico che in standby che consente misurazioni senza unità aggiuntive come un computer o un'infrastruttura remota. Oltre a un display numerico e grafico con 26 parametri chiave, lo strumento fornisce protocolli di prestazioni e conformità in linea con IEC 62301, EN 50564 e EN 61000-3-2.

Measurement of conducted emission limits in line with IEC/EN 61000‐3‐2

Measurement of inrush currents

Measurement of standby power consumption in line with IEC 62301 and EN 50564
The power analyzer is the only instrument in its class that graphically displays harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic on the logarithmic scale. Its user‐configurable, dual‐channel trend chart function for U, I, P, S, Q and F etc. is unique as well. The instrument's 5 V measurement range provides embedded developers with a previously unattainable level of resolution for power and energy measurements.
The R&S®HMC8015 also sets new standards when it comes to documentation. It simultaneously displays up to 10 user-configurable measurements with a refresh rate of 10 measurements per second. A logging function makes it possible to store this data with a timestamp in CSV format for a nearly unlimited period of time. Screen content can also be saved to a USB flash drive anytime at the push of a button.
A PASS/FAIL function enables users to monitor numerous measurements either on the instrument's display or externally via an analog/digital output on the rear panel. The inrush function captures and graphically displays inrush current and voltage waveforms.
The instrument's standard hardware‐based integrator delivers highly precise, seamless power consumption analysis and adds up watt and ampere hours according to polarity. An additional sensor input for a current probe or shunt expands the tester's current measurement range as required. A three‐stage filter in the voltage and cur‐ rent circuit of the acquisition system can be activated, if necessary.

The LXI-Core 1.4-compliant power analyzer can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet, USB or GPIB interface (R&S®HMC8015-G). The commands are based entirely on the SCPI standard. The virtual COM port and the test and measurement class (TMC) are supported for communications via USB. Cost‐free driver packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, VXI and are also available for fast, complication-free integration of the R&S®HMC8015 into existing systems.

Key facts
- Power measurement range: 50 μW to 12 kW ❙ Analog bandwidth: DC to 100 kHz
- Sampling rate: 500 ksample/s
- 16-bit resolution for current and voltage
- Basic accuracy: 0.05%
- 26 different measurement and mathematical functions

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I ordered a desoldering station that got lost in transit but they asked regularly for updates and sent it to me again, so they solved the problem in a timely manner.

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