Rohde & Schwarz HMP2020 alimentatore doppia uscita 188W

Rohde & Schwarz HMP2020 alimentatore doppia uscita 188W

Il Rohde & Schwarz HMP2020 è un alimentatore DC programmabile con doppia uscita 188W.
Massima tensione per canale 32V
Massima corrente per canale:
- canale 1: 10A
- canale 2: 5A
Massima potenza per canale:
- canale 1: 160A
- canale 2: 80A
Massima potenza 188W

The R&S®HMP power supplies are equipped with a dual USB/LAN interface as standard. This interface can optionally be replaced by a dual RS-232/USB interface or a GPIB (IEEE488) interface.

Key facts
- R&S®HMP2020/HMP2030 with 2/3 channels and 188 W total output power
- R&S®HMP4030/HMP4040 with 3/4 channels and 384 W total output power
- Maximum output voltage of 32 V per channel; higher voltages possible in serial operation
- High output currents up to 5 A/10 A (depending on the model); higher currents possible in parallel operation
- Linear post regulation for low residual ripple
- Electronic fuse (OCP), adjustable maximum voltage (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP)
- Dual USB/LAN interface as standard; RS-232/USB or GPIB (IEEE488) optional
- Rear panel connections, including sense lines, for all channels

The R&S®HMP power supplies offer a variety of protection functions to prevent damage to the instrument and the DUT. You can separately set the maximum current (electronic fuse, over current protection/OCP) or the maximum voltage (over voltage protection/OVP) for each channel. The output channels switch off when either of their set limits is reached. Over temperature protection (OTP) prevents the instrument from overheating.

  HMP2020 HMP2030 HMP4030 HMP4040
CHANNELS 2 3 3 4
CH2: 5
5 10 10
MAX V PER CH 32 32 32 32
CH2: 80
80 160 160
TOTAL W 188 188 384 384


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I ordered a desoldering station that got lost in transit but they asked regularly for updates and sent it to me again, so they solved the problem in a timely manner.

Client sopra 30/06/2020

Volevo ringraziarvi per la competenza,serietà nel vostro settore e la cortesia del personale chiamato! Ho ricevuto il materiale nei tempi previsti e in perfetto stato. Ancora da accendere e provare...

Massimo sopra 30/06/2020