Saleae Logic Pro 8 Red - Logic Analyzer 8 channels 100MHz 500MS/s - Free Shipping to Europe

Saleae Logic Pro 8 Red - Logic Analyzer 8 channels 100MHz 500MS/s - Free Shipping to Europe

Saleae Logic Pro 8 Red - Logic Analyzer 8 channels 100MHz 500MS/s

example how is made inside Logic 8


“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Software Available for:
- Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8
- Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard+
- Ubuntu 10.04+, et al.

To record your digital and analog signals, just press start. You can fill your entire computer’s memory with data so it is easy to capture lengthy or rare events.

Every Logic device can be customized to capture data the way you want. You can select how long to record, specify how bandwidth is allocated between digital and analog recoding, select which channels to record, and even make the LED your favorite color.

When you have billions of data points to display, it is important that getting around in all that data is a zippy experience. Effortlessly zoom in and out with the scroll wheel, and navigate left and right by dragging the data where you want it.

For basic measurements, just place your mouse near something interesting. The software will figure out the rest and display the relevant measurements. You can show different measurements by right-clicking.

Trigger & Find
The software can start recording automatically when it finds a simple pattern you specify. You can trigger on digital edges and pulses as well as analog voltages and pulses. After you collect your data, you can search for more events this way too.

SPI, I2C, serial
Most digital communication uses a particular protocol that specifies how information is transferred. The Logic software has protocol analyzers that can automatically decode SPI, I2C, serial , 1-Wire, UNI/O, I2S/PCM, MP Mode, Manchester, DMX-512, Parallel, JTAG, LIN, Atmel SWI, MDIO, BiSS C, HDLC, HDMI CEC, USB 1.1 – and more are on the way!

Once you have decoded your data with a protocol analyzer, you can search through all these decoded results by just typing what you are looking for – the software will jump right to the spot where it happened.

As you dig into your data, you might want to take some notes along the way. In the software you can add unlimited bookmarks, which remember what you were looking at; timing markers, which can measure the time between events; measurements, which annotate the waveform with parameters like width, frequency, RMS voltage and duty cycle; and, of course, your notes.

Save & Share
Once you’ve annotated your data, you can easily save it for later review. You can even save it in the cloud to send to colleagues or post online!

Sometimes you will need to do something pretty custom with your data, so you’ll be happy to know it is easy to export it in a variety of formats, including a text csv file or Matlab m file.

If you need to automate the Logic software, you can control everything over a simple TCP socket using virtually any programming language.

Have a rare or proprietary protocol you would like to have Logic decode? You can with our Analyzer SDK.

  Logic 4 Logic 8 Logic Pro 8 Logic Pro 16
Multi-Use (A/D/Both) 1 8 8 16
Digital-only 3 - - -
Input Resistance 1MOhm 1MOhm 2MOhm 2MOhm
Sample Rate (max) 12MS/s 100MS/s 500MS/s 500MS/s
Fastest Digital Signal 3MHz 25MHz 100MHz 100MHz
Supported Logic Levels 2.5V - 5.5V 1.8V - 5.5V 1.2V - 5.5V 1.2V - 5.5V
Works with RS-232, 422/3 Yes, Directly Yes, Directly Yes, Directly Yes, Directly
Threshold Voltages .8V low / 2.0V high .6V low / 1.2V high selectable .6 .9 1.65V selectable .6 .9 1.65V
Sample Rate (max) 6MS/s 10MS/s 50MS/s 50MS/s
Bandwith (-3dB) 600kHz 1MHz 5MHz 5MHz
Number of bits 8 bits 10 bits 12 bits 12 bits
Input Voltage Range 0V to 5V 0V to 5V -10V to 10V -10V to 10V
Attenuation @ Nyquist -50dB or better -50dB or better -50dB or better -50dB or better
Channel-Channel Crosstalk -50dB or better -50dB or better -50dB or better -50dB or better
Size 42 x 42 x 10 mm 53 x 53 x 10 mm 53 x 53 x 10 mm 92 x 92 x 15 mm
Weight 31g 60g 60g 220g
USB 2.0
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
USB 3.0
  Logic 4 Logic 8 Logic Pro 8 Logic Pro 16


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E' stato il mio primo acquisto su Batterfly (siglent sds1202): veloci, imballaggio impeccabile, prodotto perfetto. Consiglio l'acquisto in questo negozio senza ombra di dubbio!

Mauro sopra 29/07/2020

Ho acquistato un oscilloscopio DS1054Z che ho ricevuto in 48 ore. Sono molto soddisfatto di essermi affidato allo staff Batterfly, riscontrando cordialità e professionalità. Consiglio questo sito,...

Mauro Danieli sopra 24/07/2020