HAKKO 808 Accessori ed opzioni

HAKKO 808 Accessori ed opzioni

HAKKO 808 Accessori ed opzioni

Portable desoldering tool that can operate without station and is especially convenient for onsite servicing and repair
High suction power for portable unit
Filter pipe that shows the amount of removed solder at a glance


  Codice Nome Descrizione
A1033 Ceramic paper filter-L set of 10
B1747 Filter holder  
B1725 Filter pipe  
A1267 Pre filter aluminum, set of 5
B1087 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ 1.0 mm
B1215 Cleaning pin heating element
A1217 Front holder  
B1723 Element cover  
B1724 Nut  
A1230 Diaphragm set of 2
B1089 Cleaning pin nozzle Φ 1.6 mm
B1303 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ 1.0 mm
B1305 Cleaning drill nozzle Φ 1.6 mm


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Hakko soldering equipment is not so easy to find in Europe, so I was really impressed by the range of products here at Batterfly. Prices are fair and delivery very fast. I will order again for sure!

Florian sopra 23/05/2020

Great online commerce, products and service. That said I have a suggestion: perhaps you can give us an economic shipping option for tiny orders like small spare parts. I did not like to pay 17e ...

David sopra 12/05/2020