HAKKO FX-8803 utensile per l'avanzamento manuale dello stagno

HAKKO FX-8803 utensile per l'avanzamento manuale dello stagno

Soldering gun with manual solder feed, it doesn't work alone, it requires HAKKO FX-888D or FX-888 (discontinued) soldering station.

Standard delivery includes:
1 x FX-8803 Soldering gun
1 x instruction manual
1 x Standard tip: T18-CF3 (Shape 3C, cut surface only)
1 x B2652 Guide nozzle 0.6mm ESD
1 x B2653 Guide nozzle 0.8mm ESD
1 x B2654 Guide nozzle 1.0mm ESD
1 x B2655 Guide nozzle 1.2mm ESD
1 x B2656 Guide nozzle 1.6mm ESD
1 x iron holder C1437

Solder and feed with one hand
- Can only be used with the HAKKO FX-888 and HAKKO FX-888D soldering station.
- Feed a set amount of solder with one hand.
- Perform two actions at the same time with one hand.
- works with solder diameter Φ0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm

Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing
- Manual system ensures solder can only be fed when working
- Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator

Extensive lineup of tips
Anti-static specifications

see all T18 soldering Tips

example of use (soldering station not included):


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great all round service

michael sinden sopra 09/09/2019

Great service and fast shipping!! We will buy more in the future!

William Hendriks sopra 09/09/2019