RRC-SMB-UBC Standard Battery Charger

RRC-SMB-UBC Standard Battery Charger
RRC-SMB-UBC Standard Battery Charger
Product information:
Intelligent desktop battery charger with smart battery technology for the standard battery form factors RRC2020, RRC2040, RRC2024, RRC2040-2, RRC2054, RRC2057 or compatible smart batteries with a similar footprint (e.g. 202x range, 204x range, 205x range, DR36, etc.)
RRC2020 useable with a "spacer", all other batterytypes direct insertable
Optimized charging process by using RRC batteries:
- Higher charging cycles
- Faster charging
Simple operation – Plug and Play
Automatic recognition and calibration of smart battery learned capacity
External power supply for worldwide use
Country specific AC input cables available

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  • Codice Prodotto: RRC-SMB-UBC
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Great service, once products had been shipped it took less than 24h to get them. Packaging was superb.. Original hakko iron and tips, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Ettore sopra 24/02/2020

Perfect service!!! thank you Batter Fly

Julien A sopra 24/02/2020