Microtest 6632 Precision Impedance Analyzer

Microtest 6632 Precision Impedance Analyzer
The test frequency of the Microtest 6632 Precision Impedance Analyzer is DC 10Hz-30MHz and the test signal is 10mV-2Vrms (min. resolution 1mV), and is suitable for the LCR and DCR testes of AC signals. The measurement in a continuously changing environment can be executed stage-by-stage with the test frequency and grade, and high-speed continuous tests can be performed under different test and mode conditions. The machine also supports RS232, LAN, USB and GPIB PC connection capabilities to improve the design and test efficiency significantly. MICROTEST 6632 impedance analyzer also provides fixtures for material dielectric permittivity measurement that allows PCB designed engineers to reduce the faulty conditions with the comprehensive information of permittivity while designing PCB layouts.

Microtest 6632 Main Features:
- Signal source frequency range: DC 10Hz ~ 3/5/10/20/30MHz
- Signal source grade: 10mV ~ 2V / 200μA ~ 20mA
- Basic accuracy up to ±0.08%
- ALC function
- Output resistance 25Ω/100Ω, switchable
- Parameters: |Z|, |Y|, θ, R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, DCR, ESR, Vac, Iac, Vdc, Idc, ε and μr
- Ultra-high measuring speed <3ms
- Open circuit/short circuit/load calibration function
- Support electric meter mode, list mode, sweep mode, and equivalent circuit analysis function
- Up to four component parameters can be selected in the electric meter mode. The induction and DCR values can be measured and displayed simultaneously
- Auto component classification: Comparator function and Handler BIN classification function
- Up to 50 sets of multistep list programs can be stored in the permanent memory and up to 15 test steps can be arranged in each program
- Built-in DC bias voltage -12 to +12V
- Rapid automation and data access function is realizable for USB, LAN, GPIB and RS232 interfaces
- PC connection data analysis software is available optionally
- 7" 800*480 TFT LCD color screen
- Ultra-light design: 336*147* 340mm, 3kg
- Ultra-low power consumption (<30W) without fans and zero noise

Microtest 6632 Parameters Measurement Ranges:
|Z| 0.000 mΩ to 9999.99 MΩ
R, X ± 0.000 mΩ to 9999.99 MΩ
|Y| 0.00000 μS to 999.999 kS
G, B ± 0.00000 μS to 999.999 kS
θRAD ± 0.00000 to 3.14159
θDEG ± 0.000° to 180.000°
Cs, Cp ± 0.00000 pF to 9999.99 F
Ls, Lp ± 0.00 nH to 9999.99 kH
D ± 0.00000 to 9999.99
Q ± 0.00 to 9999.99
Δ ± 0.00% to 9999.99%
Rdc 0.00 mΩ to 99.9999 MΩ
εr'' 0 to 10000
μr'' 0 to 10000

Standard Accessories
- Test Fixture (FX-000C19)

Optional Accessories
- Test Fixture (FX-0000C6)
- Kelvin Clip Leads with BNC Box (F423906A)
- BNC Test Leads (F663001A/B/C)
- Dielectric Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C7)
- Liquid Dielectric Material Test Fixture(FX-000C20)
- Magnetic Material Test Fixture (FX-0000C8)
- Test Fixture (FX-0000C9)
- Bottom Electrode SMD Test Fixture (FX-000C10)
- SMD Tweezers Test Leads (FX-000C11)
- SMD Test Fixture(FX-000C12)

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Spedizione e imballo impeccabile, sono molto soddisfatto anche dei prodotti che trattano, grazie Batter Fly

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Great service, once products had been shipped it took less than 24h to get them. Packaging was superb.. Original hakko iron and tips, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Ettore sopra 24/02/2020