RIGOL Oscilloscopes Promotion MSO8K MSO7K DS7K MSO5K

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We have created a table showing the main differences between the RIGOL oscilloscopes in promotion.

MSO8K: MSO8104 + upgrade to 2 GHz + free bundle for 8999 Euro (doesn't include logic probe)
MSO7K: MSO7204 + upgrade to 500 MHz + free bundle for 4999 Euro (includes logic probe)
DS7K: DS7204 + upgrade to 500 MHz + free bundle for 3999 Euro (no logic probe available, no AWG available)
MSO5K: MSO5204 + upgrade to 350 MHz + free bundle for 1999 Euro (doesn't include logic probe)

"the 2GHz bandwidth is available on a single channel using 10GSa/sec sampling rate or on two interleaving channels (1 or 2 + 3 or 4) using 5GSa/sec sampling rate per channel"
In addition to the 4 x 500MHZ passive probes it also includes 2 x passive low-impedance probes (1.5 GHz) model Rigol RP6150A

ends March 2020 Euro 8.999 Euro 4.999 Euro 3.999 Euro 1.999
Bandwidth 2GHz * 500MHz 500MHz 350MHz
MSO Yes Yes No Yes
MSO Logic Probe Euro 369 Included No Euro 299
Sampling Rate Single Ch 10GSa/sec 8GSa/sec
Sampling Rate Interleaving 5GSa/sec 4GSa/sec
Sampling Rate 4 Ch 2.5GSa/sec 2GSa/sec
Memory 500Mpts 100Mpts
Input Impedance 1MOhm and 50Ohm 1MOhm
Display 10" Touch scrren 9" Touch Screen
Buit In AWG 2 x 25MHz No 2 x 25MHz
Real-time Eye Diagram Yes No
Jitter Analysis Yes No
Protocol Trigger and Decode RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, I2S, and MIL-STD-1553
Connectivity USB, LAN and HDMI
Dimensions mm 410 x 224 x 135 367 x 200 x 130


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