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MetaGeek InSSIDer Office Software License

MetaGeek InSSIDer Office Software License

Take the guesswork out of increasing wireless network performance.  inSSIDer for Office is a feature-rich Wi-Fi network discovery tool that tracks multiple networks, finds poor channel placement, low signal strength, and excessive channel noise. Our new Wi-Spy Mini is also included.  Designed for network admins and managed services IT.

inSSIDer for Office is a network discovery tool designed to help you find poor channel placement, low signal strength, and high channel power as you walk around your building.

With the included Wi-Spy Mini, inSSIDer for Office is capable of measuring noise from non-Wi-Fi devices that can adversely affect the performance of the wireless network on a channel. On the Channels Tab, you’ll find measurements of how saturated a channel is with both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices, along with measurements and details about surrounding networks. The Analyze Tab features expert tips that alert you to potential issues your network’s users may have, and suggestions on how to fix them. inSSIDer for Office is designed for network admins or anyone looking to take the guesswork out of increasing network performance.

Chanalyzer and inSSIDer Office Comparison

inSSIDer Office
inSSIDer Office is a network troubleshooting and optimization tool, commonly used by IT professionals in small to medium-size office environments. Wi-Fi scanning data (from your wireless adapter) is augmented with spectrum analysis data from the Wi-Spy Mini, so you can:

    Pick the best channel for your single-AP network
    Perform basic channel-planning on a small multi-AP network
    Verify security settings
    Verify performance settings
    Perform coverage spot-checks

Chanalyzer 5
Chanalyzer 5 is a professional, portable spectrum analyzer for Wi-Fi troubleshooting on enterprise-grade networks. The focus is the spectrum analysis data from the Wi-Spy, but wireless network data from your wireless adapter is available as an overlay.

Chanalyzer 5 is designed for wireless LAN professionals who deploy and maintain enterprise-grade networks in corporate, healthcare, industrial, and educational environments. It also works great for engineers who need to mix Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi technologies (like ZigBee) in home environments. It has the features to identify and physically locate non-Wi-Fi interference, not just avoid it like inSSIDer Office.

    Identify non-Wi-Fi interference
    Physically locate non-Wi-Fi interference with the Device Finder Accessory
    Save and open recorded sessions
    Accurately measure channel utilization
    Record spectrum analysis data during site surveys
    Build reports with the Report Builder Accessory

inSSIDer Office and Chanalyzer 5 have similar features, but they are built for two different types of users who need to perform different tasks. IT professionals who don't specialize in Wi-Fi will find that inSSIDer Office is easy to use, while WLAN professionals and specialists will utilize Chanalyzer 5's advanced features.

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Very fast delivery and good range of products. Ordering process went smooth. Do not hesitate to order here if you live in the EU.

Jules on 19/04/2019

Sono al terzo acquisto, merce pertetta, veloci e professionali. Servizio assistenza cordiale e disponibile.

Gandolfo on 17/04/2019