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HAKKO FT-801 Thermal wire stripper

HAKKO FT-801 Thermal wire stripper
Produttore: HAKKO
Codice Prodotto: FT801-08
Disponibilità: In magazzino
Prezzo IVA esclusa: 445,00€
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HAKKO FT-801 Thermal wire stripper

Thermal wire stripper that ensures clean-cut removal of wire insulation
High stripping performance ensures clean cut through highly heat-resistant PTFE
It is also a perfect solution for the insulation stripping of single wires

Thermal wire stripper solves common problems caused by using hand tools.

Doesn't damage wire cores
Doesn't cut strands
Handle designed for up to Ø12mm leads.
Cuts insulation cleanly
Strip superfine lead wires with ease
Perfect for stripping single wires


Damaged wire cores and cut strands are serious problems that can result in broken connections caused by vibration, expansion, contraction, and other external factors. The military, medical and aviation industries demand precise quality, and this applies equally to finishing ends on wires with delicate insulation. The HAKKO Thermal Wire Stripper is a remarkable product that adequately meets these kinds of demands for superior quality and provides improved efficiency and maintenance.

Removing the insulation from superfine wires is a difficult task that can produce minute scratches leading to broken connections if done incorrectly. Thermal wire stripping is a safe, stress-free, and above all accurate way of removing insulation.

Grips designed for continuous work

Optional Blades:

G2-1601 Wire Stripper Blade (Straight)


G2-1602 Wire Stripper Blade (AWG18-20-22-24)

G2-1603 Wire Stripper Blade (AWG26-28-30-33-36)

Model No. FT801
Power consumption 68W/50W


Output voltage AC 24V
Dimensions 80(W)×130(H)×131(D)mm
Weight 1.2kg

・Wire Stripper (FT-8002)

Power consumption 64W (24V)
Cord length 1.3m
Total length 96mm
Weight 48g

・Optional Wire Stripper (FT-8003)

Power consumption 46W (24V)
Cord length <2m
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground potential 1.3mV
Total length 155mm
Weight 27g

* Power consumption is 50W when the optional FT-8003 is used instead of FT-8002.
* Weight for station (w/o cord)
* Length and weight for handpiece (w/o cord, blade)

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