Workswell WIC336, 336x256px, 30Hz, USB3, Infrared Thermal Camera

Workswell WIC336, 336x256px, 30Hz, USB3, Infrared Thermal Camera

Workswell WIC-336-FUW, InfraRed Thermal Camera 336x256px, <30Hz, USB3, no lens

The WIC thermal camera is a highly sensitive imager designed to monitor a wide variety of industrial and R&D initiatives. With a thermal sensitivity of up to ≤0.03°C (30mK, 0.054°F), this is one of the most advanced cameras on the market. Easy to integrate into a control system, the WIC can handle a USB3 interface that is ideal for laboratory applications and PCB analysis. It can also be outfitted with GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) for industrial applications and manufacturing processes. The WIC comes in two flavors: the WIC 336, which offers a resolution of 336x256px, and the WIC 640, which boasts 640x512px.

For each WIC needs to be specified one lens or several lenses.

What's in the box:
WIC Infrared Camera with purchased lens mounted on the camera, Protective front germanium glass, Standard Calibration certificate, CorePlayer Software, Windows and Linux x86 SDK (dll libraries), USB3 cable, Hard transport case.

Model Sensor Frame Rate Interface


336x256px 9Hz USB3


336x256px 30Hz USB3


336x256px 60Hz USB3


640x512px 9Hz USB3


640x512px 30Hz USB3


640x512px 60Hz USB3


336x256px 9Hz GigE


336x256px 30Hz GigE


336x256px 60Hz GigE


640x512px 9Hz GigE


640x512px 30Hz GigE


640x512px 60Hz GigE

Lenses available for WIC series cameras:

Model Field of View Focal Lenght f-number Compatibility
L-WIC336-6 45.6° x 35.5° 6.8mm f/1.3 WIC 336
L-WIC336-9 35° x 27° 9mm f/1.25 WIC 336
L-WIC336-13 25° x 19° 13mm f/1.25 WIC 336
L-WIC336-19 17° x 13° 19mm f/1.25 WIC 336
L-WIC640-9 69° x 56° 9mm f/1.25 WIC 640
L-WIC640-13 45° x 37° 13mm f/1.25 WIC 640
L-WIC640-19 32° x 26° 19mm f/1.25 WIC 640


Type WIC 336 WIC 640
Resolution 336 x 256 px 640 x 512 px
Sensitivity 0.03°C (30mK, 0.054°F) 0.03°C (30mK, 0.054°F) on demand
Temperature range -25°C…+150°C (-13°F…+302°F)
-40°C…+550°C (-40°F…+1022°F)
optional temperature range +400 – 1 500 °C (752 °F to 2 732 °F)
-25°C…+150°C (-13°F…+302°F)
-40°C…+550°C (-40°F…+1022°F)
optional temperature range +400 – 1 500 °C (752 °F to 2 732 °F)
Accuracy ±2% or ±2°C (±3.6°F) ±2% or ±2°C (±3.6°F)
Frame rate 9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz 9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz
Spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 µm 7.5 – 13.5 µm
Optional lenses 6.8 mm – 19 mm 9 mm – 19 mm
Focusing Manual Manual
Power supply via USB3 cable or PoE (GigE type WIC) via USB3 cable or PoE (GigE type WIC)
Communication USB3 or GigE USB3 or GigE
Analog video PAL, NTSC (USB3 type WIC) PAL, NTSC (USB3 type WIC)
Software Workswell CorePlayer Workswell CorePlayer
SDK Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, Labview SDK, Matlab Simulink SDK, Dewesoft SDK Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, Labview SDK, Matlab Simulink SDK, Dewesoft SDK
Calibration Yes (with certification) Yes (with certification)

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