CADEX C8000 Battery Testing System

CADEX C8000 Battery Testing System

CADEX C8000 Battery Testing System

By all imagination, the Cadex C8000 may well be the most complete battery testing system available.
The Cadex C8000 delivers the versatility needed to ensure you get the right performance from the batteries used in your applications. The C8000 is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life.
You can capture load signatures of power tools and laptops and then perform simulated battery runtime by replying the stored data. Add a thermal chamber,
external load bank and other accessories, and you begin realizing that the
Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself at an affordable price.
Device Simulation helps you choose the right battery
Life Cycle Testing helps you characterize the battery
Custom Programming helps you monitor quality and performance
Service Programs help you maintain the battery

Digital technology has the advantage of delivering extended test range, ultimate stability and high power in a compact housing. Each of the four channels can be programmed to 10A charge and discharge. Power handling is 100W per channel on charge and 80W on discharge, or 400W on charge and 320W on discharge on all four channels.

The Cadex C8000 is more than a programmable power supply and load bank; the instrument provides intelligence to assist in battery testing. Protected charge and discharge algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and safely terminate the service if so needed. The system can be overridden for destructive tests.

Each channel features a Battery Port and I/O Port for individual programming.
The system includes:
Positive/negative input; 4-wire Kelvin
Analog thermistor input
4 differential analog voltage inputs
2 analog outputs
4 input/output control for switching
SMBus, clock, data for smart packs

The C8000 can be configured as a command center
to control accessories as follows:
Thermal chamber
External charger
Digital load bank
Heating element
Pressure gauge
Cell monitoring
Safety circuit

* Alarms are available with custom programs using the included PC-BatteryLab™ software



Four differential (floating) analog inputs enable voltage check of up to 5 cells; 4 direct and one by voltage extraction.


The Cadex C8000 captures load signatures and applies the simulated load as discharge protocol to check battery runtime. Learn how your battery will respond to your device.
Load capture and playback capability
Internal loads to 10A or external loads to 240A
Standard (GSM) or custom waveforms

Captures load signatures of up to 100A and digitizes the information for reply in the C8000. The LCU is optional.



For higher load currents than 10A per channel, you can connect the C8000 to a designated external load bank, enabling loads of up to 2,400 watts and 48 volts. Only one channel supports the external load bank.





The Dual Power Port Cable allows parallel connection of channels 1 and 2, or 3 and 4, to double the current handling from 10A to up to 20A. Only applies to discharge.

The Cadex C8000 reads the register settings of SMBus batteries. This verifies correct battery use and identifies anomalies.


The Cadex C8000 allows testing batteries under GSM, CDMA or other discharge protocols. Programming is in 50μs intervals and the minimum setting is 500μs. The C8000 also offers dynamic stress tests to examine batteries under three different load conditions.



This program assists in the selection of battery models and performs incoming inspection. The programs are fully automated, and PC-BatteryLab™ plots and stores the test results.



The Adapter Unit provides a simple interface of over 1,500 Custom Battery Adapters, as well as the user-programmable Smart Cable and RigidArm™.

No test instrument is complete without effective software. Cadex BatteryLab™ provides a simple, yet powerful interface to control and monitor the C8000. With a PC, control shifts from the analyzer’s front panel to the PC. Programming begins by entering the required battery parameters or choosing a battery from an existing list. BatteryLab™ displays the test results and displays them using real-time graphics.
BatteryLab™ Software
Operates up to eight C8000 testers = 32 batteries
Control and monitor your tester from a PC
Allows custom program development
Readings and graphic results in real time
Manage and print results
Compatible with Windows XP

Each Standard System includes:
- C8000 Test Unit
- BatteryLab PC Software (CD-ROM)
- 4 Power Port Cables
- 4 Auxiliary Cables
- 1 Dual Power Port Cable
- 1 Ethernet Cable
- 3AC Power Cords (N. America, Europe, UK type)
- Rack Mounting Bracket Set for 19” 3U Rack
- 1 QuickStart Guide

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